Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'm baaaAAAaack

Sorry, who can resist shit like that?

So Philly and New York both survived invasion by Midwesterners, and our hosts both lived to tell the tale. There were also many photo’s taken, so I think I’ll restrain my urges to Blog about the roadtrip until they can be better illustrated.

However, I do have something knitty related to throw out into the blogosphere, so I’m going to write that up.

The last time we were Pillaging and Plundering, one of our crew was making a bias scarf with this fancy ball of yarn that she’d purchased for “way too much money” (according to her). It was basically a skein of yarn that was made up of a whole bunch of novelty yarns that had been cut into 2 or 3 yard sections and then tied together, and it was very cute! (did I just say cute? I’m sorry, I’m still suffering from the 13 hour drive yesterday) And me, being me, I open my big mouth and said “we could do that, if we just got a whole bunch of people together…” and she, being her, went out and organized a whole bunch of people (okay, like 3 besides me and her). So I’m going to present this idea at our LYS “knit in” this Saturday, but I thought that I would mention it here in case any of you freaky people wanted to get in on the action.

I’m not sure what the “rules” would be, basically we all have to agree on a color that we don’t hate, (black? Anyone? Black is a good neutral?) and probably on an amount of money and yardage etc. so that that's all fair and happy. Then everyone goes off and purchases one (or two or however many) skein(s) of the coolest yarn that they can find that “goes with” that color. I’m hoping that we will get mostly the main color, but some variegated stuff that will sort of go a long with it to add interest, and of course the idea is to get as many different weights and textures as possible. Then I will collect all the skeins, do a little math, and cut them into sections. I was thinking about tying them back together, but I think I’ll leave them in as long of sections as possible so that the project participants can decide what order they want to knit them in, etc.

I should say that I’m not talking about “fun fur” but rather all those nifty slubby, boucley type things that you always see at the yarn store but think “and what would I do with it when I got it home?” You know, silky and soyey and bambooey things like that…with maybe some eyelash thrown in for fuck’s sake. Hey if nothing else you’ll get a chance to knit some interesting yarns you’d never have picked up on your own…and you’ll have a ready made present for those people who aren’t worth knitting socks for, but who always want you to knit them something.

So anyone who thinks that this idea isn’t the stupidest thing I’ve ever thought of, can email me: savior_in_cellophane(at)yahoo(dot)com, and I’ll give you my address, blood type etc. Actually I think we will probably choose a “parent” skein at the “knit-in” and cut swatches off of it for anyone who wants to participate, so that there is a clear “must go with this” direction in which to depart, so the first thing you’ll probably get is an envelope from me with a little bit of yarn in it.

Ragnar...always volunteering herself for some goddamn thing or another.


Imbrium said...

Ya know, that actually sounds pretty frickin' cool. Novel, even.

celticjig said...

I think my vote was lime or purple at the pillaging and plundering, but i am still open for other colors except royal blue.

Howabout a P&P this Friday? Kick the month off in style.

Back from the northlands in one piece and have ripped apart one knitting project to start over...again...

Ragnar said...

Not lime. God no. The pain, my eyeballs, make it stop! How about a nice Burgundy. Everyone likes burgundy right? It's a wine, it's a color...and even redheads like you can give it to a friend or something.

The only problem with P&P on Friday is that I have n.o. money. I know that I say that all the time, but this time I really mean it. Moths fly out of my wallet and my pockets are turned inside out and everything...none.

Are you coming up to Woven Art for the knit in on Sunday? That's when I'm going to pitch the "multiyarn" project. You will not mention the word lime, or I will hang you from the yardarm.




celticjig said...

If the knit in is on Sunday then no, if on Saturday then yes. Limey limey lime. Limes saved the pirates from scurvy you know, embrace it. But...burgundy would be just fine with me.

I am restarting a mohair lace scarf that is veragated (how to spell?) purple, pink and forest green, quite girlie colors for me really. The scarf was coming along nicely once I remembered how to do a silly yarnover and then I realized 36 rows later that I had dropped 8 stitches and the scarf was narrowing at a rapid pace. (only 28 cast ons to begin with)

Damn damn fuck damn! As every row is a different pattern, impossible to ripout, so I started over. This took much rum last night. I love rum, esp with LIME!

celticjig said...

By the way, it is 50 degrees outside.

Ragnar said...

Lime the fruit is a wonderful thing that is tasty in drinks and wards of the evils of scurvy.

Lime the colour is a vurilent monstrosity that should be marooned at the first opportunity.

I know it's 50 degrees out. I'm excited about walking home in a couple of hours, but it was even warmer in Philly. I got a sun burn.

celticjig said...

How about chartreuse?

Beverley said...


Firstly Hi..... you're back!!!!

I have to jump in and wish I lived a bit closer but this sounds such a neat idea might run it past our knitting group at lunch today.

We did a challenge once. We all got 200 grams of sliver in white we had to dye or whatever and add 200 grams of our own colour / yarn etc. We had to end up with two different yarns. Once spun and plied it was split into about 15 balls of each then we kept one and posted the rest back to the organiser who sent us all the 30 balls from the others taking part. The challenge was then to knit, crochet or weave etc something from the results. We were allowed to add another 200 grams of colour to finish the project.

I did a jacket using dark blue to "bond" all the different colours, and boy there were alot from orange and lime etc. My blog currently has a clip of this in my title. There is a pic of the back as a test in the postings. Only way I could figure to get the damn thing up on the net to use as a heading.

By the way what is wrong with lime!!!! or orange for that matter goes very well with black. Then of course there is red....

Knit on , glad to have you back!

Beverley said...

Back from lunch!

I suggested this idea and they are enthused but with a difference. They want to be able to knit bigger items so we are going to make it small balls rather than lengths and we will add in out own yarn say up to 200 grams this way we can make a garment.

Will have to post results. It won't be for a while as we have the Festival in two weeks today, yah only two weeks. It will take time to organise as well.

Thanks for the idea we were looking for inspiration to get the group more up and running for the year. This may be the kick in the b.... we need.

Knit on >^..^<

Atla said...

Welcome back!

I know one of your pals will take photos of the results, so be sure and post them. This sounds.. interesting.. and slightly torturous. Good on you!