Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two posts in one day!

But read the other one first okay? It'll make more sense that way.

Argh! Filing for unemployment is really annoying! How the hell am I supposed to know the specifc dollar amount that I've been paid for the last 18 months? Booger on you Unemployment Insurance stink.

But on the bright side (there's always a bright side to these things isn't there?) since I was unable to file today, I will have a good excuse to seek out an internet connection tomorrow!

See ya then!

Ragnar...a tool of the system, man.


Inky said...

i think blogger found your first post cuz now you have three today. pretty good for an unemployed goth chick without a computer who quilts and knits.

and michigan oh michigan, how very moderne you are. we here in california, land of nutz and twiggs cannot do diddly shit online and must THE PHONE and USE A PEN to file. Alright you can do your initial application on line but as Mr Inky and I learned (and i quote) it doesn't usually work properly.

welcome to california.

lavoflavland said...

i am very happy for you my sisterly person on your firing gig! good non-job! Your studio looks wonderous. And too just buy beer and quilting supplies, i am jealous. Seatlle life is toooooo expensive, but has been actually great since the sun started intermittently shining ~2weeks now. I've many planties sprouting, pretty basic. Who knows if we will live in this house all summer, although it is much better since the green tendrils and sprouts are covering the stumps of once glorious bushes the landlonrd and neighbors sneekily caused. So miss minimal, can she visit in august or july, i think she said she'd like this in aug. i can't remember.
and is it bad ettiquete to reply so lengthily to a blog?
and if you e-mail me your studio address, i will write...
and pinch the manimal for me, last time i tried his phone, say on april 3rd, not even a voice message.
love and kisses and snotty-almost-one-year-old-noses