Monday, April 24, 2006

Not what I should be doing

First of all I am not supposed to be blogging right now, I am actually supposed to be writing my resume, but shush. I just had a realization that I wanted to share.


I have not yet missed a “normal” blogging day. Monday thru Thursday bloggety with a long weekend. See! I’m not so bad.

Second of all, I am totally stressed out for no reason. I think it’s because I don’t believe that this is really happening yet, the whole not having to go to work but instead fumbling around with a new bureaucracy that I have yet to fathom thing. I got a call from “work” a few minutes ago and when I recognized the number my first reaction was “Shit, what did I do?” Answer being nothing, because I don’t “do” anything there anymore. They wanted me to return my key (which I was planning on doing on Wednesday when I go to pick up my last paycheck anyway, so nyah). That doesn’t seem natural does it? To have heart palpitations when someplace you don’t work anymore calls you?

The other possible reason for stressed outness is that I have a writing assignment. You’ve probably noticed that I don’t have a problem with “writing” per se (you do tend to go on and on don’t you Ragnar?) but it’s all that propaganda that I had drilled into my by the career councilors at University. All that “your resume is you” and “the average employer only looks at a resume for 10 seconds” stuff. I’m not very good at condensing…or completing assignments in a timely fashion come to think of it. Also the two crutches of my writing style are frowned on in resume writing, those being superfluous ellipses (…) and random (misplaced) parentheses…

On the other hand, I mentioned to FWI that I would be hogging his computer today and when I got here I found that he had made me my own personal playlist with Slayer and Rasputina and all sorts of other “resume writing” music…isn’t that sweet? Although the only thing in the house to drink is pink wine in a box, but I suppose one isn’t really supposed to get soused while working on one’s resume is one?

Are you all thoroughly sick and tired of the Ragnar as Unemployed topics yet? I am. No more unemployed shit for the rest of the week. I was going to write about the Andy Goldsworthy show that I went to this weekend, but somehow my train of thought was hijacked by that “work” phone call.

Andy Goldsworthy…I have such a crush on that guy. If I lived in Scotland and he wasn’t married (and I wasn’t madly in love with my Manimal) I would totally stalk him, or place personal ads like “Nature lover seeks rugged middle aged artist for long walks on the beach, building things out of moss and piling of rocks into interesting shapes.”

Ragnar…I am more than my (unwritten) resume.


Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Oh, I dunno. Personally I think that pink wine in a box might make the resume a little more fun to write.

I get terrible anxiety about stuff like that too. Sucks.

I definitely vote for the wine.

Mouse said...

Between the Rasputina and the wine.. who knows what sort of job you'd end up applying for!!

Imbrium said...

I say that being a good writer has nothing - NOTHING - to do with being able to write a resume. In fact, I think being a good writer hampers your ability to write a good resume.

Why, yes, I did update my resume this weekend. Why do you ask?

And oh...Andy Goldsworthy. Isn't he amazing?

celticjig said...

I found my first morel mushroom last night, it was growing in my front yard of all places.
The godess is looking down on me and teasing!
Still need to start a new knitting project, need some serious pillaging and plundering, I have been working too much.
How about this week, Tues Wed or Thurs?