Thursday, April 20, 2006

Forget all the nasty things I've said about Blogger

Because evidentally they employ wizards who can find "disappeared" posts in the ether of the blogosphere.

Finally have all unemployment things filed...somehow the State Of Michigan has figured out a way to print 4 extra pages for every page that they required me to print off their website so now I own several blank pieces of paper that either have Michigan letterhead, or the Unemployment Agencies web address on 10 cents a page no less. I'm unemployed! I can't afford that! Oh well, whatever.

My parents will be here in an hour and a half...I must go home and freak out at the dust maggots.

What are you doing here you dust maggots? Didn't I tell you to get out of here? You're not welcome around here. I swept you like 6 months ago, don't you know how to take a hint?

Ragnar...paying for internet.


celticjig said...

I think the dust maggots did leave and they came to my house and morphed into dust bunnies and are proliferating the corners of my house.

Mushroom hunting is upon us, esp if it rains tonight.

Imbrium said...

I notice that freak out=/=remove. ;)

TheAmpuT said...

Yeah, and my lost edit to the links in my side-bar appeared out of the ether, as well. Blogger is the Kind of Delayed Reaction, and I am the Queen of Instant Gratification. Not a happy couple.