Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Unemployed baby!

I had a sweet post all ready to go at 10:30 this morning, because unemployed people have nothing better to do that walk over to their FWI's houses (that Friends with Internet) and write entries for their blog...ah, wait that should be file for unemployment benifits. But then blogger ate my post, which was very witty by the way, full of poignent observations about the Unemployment Agency and the fucked upedness of it's website and phone system...but like I said blogger ate it, so y'all are missing out on that one.

I foundered in my attempt to file since I neglected to bring a copy of my (former) employer's tax ID number, or some such bull-oney, so here I am again at the CWI (Cafe with Internet) about to try it all over again. And since I'm paying a dollar per 15 minutes for this terminal I'm gonna make my presence known.

And for all you confused people that don't know wether to say "yay" or turn sideways and offer me their shoulder to cry on...thanks for the shoulders but really, the correct response is "congratulations!" This really is my happy face...see?

Ragnar...redundant and lovin' it.


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Imbrium said... mean the missing post that's right below this one? That missing post?

Just checking. :)