Thursday, April 06, 2006

Workin' or Smirkin'

I am suffering the side effects of having the nerve to take three whole days off of work…namely that everyone seems to have forgotten that it is not my job to do their job; my desk is covered in a drift of paper work that has already collapsed all over the floor three times today.

I also have a headache, and I’m semi inclined to think that it’s because of the caffeine I drank over the weekend. What the fuck, I’m on vacation right? I’ll have an espresso, and what the hell it’s a long drive…why not have half a cup of coffee? Because you’re a recovering caffeine junky Ragnar! Remember those splitting headaches you used to get? Remember how you had to prop your eyelids open with toothpicks, slither down to the kitchen in the morning and eat coffee grounds out of the bag before you had enough energy to make coffee? Remember the bad old days? It’s chamomile tea for you, or maybe some peppermint if yur feelin’ frisky, but you gotta stay away from the Black Devil of Java.


And I haven’t been able to go over and play in my new studio since last Wednesday. That’s more than a week! And since I don’t have time for a nice long winded rant, I’m going to post some photos and then try to find my sanity again…I think it’s under this pile of paperwork....or if you prefer I could tell some more pirate jokes?

Okay, sorry about the blurry blurry, but I don't like using the flash because it makes everything look so startled. Anyway, this is my old garrett studio, notice the sharply slanting roofline making most of the south side of the room completely useless.

And this is my cutting table...completely buried in crap and not so useful for things like...oh maybe cutting?

And one of my sewing machines. This is an old Consew 100, I love it because it's got about 3 inches more throat depth than a normal sewing machine...and it has that nice table that's so useful for piling things on. This picture also shows the only "closet" in the old's about 2 feet by 2 feet, and completely useless.

But what's this? Why look at the space! Those ceilings must be 12 feet high! Those filing cabinets look lost in all that space! That wall is crying out to have things taped to it....or shelves, yes lots and lots of shelves. What the hell am I doing at work when I could be puttering around in all that space!? I must be crazy....or maybe I have some deeply hidden responsible streak that I haven't managed to squelch yet. Grrr.

And hey Beverly! I'm excited that your guild has jumped on the "multi yarn" idea. It sounds like some really interesting projects will come out of it, I definately want to see pictures!

Ragnar...happy worker.


Imbrium said...

My father used to drink coffee at work, and not drink it on weekends. This resulted in fantabulous migraines every Sunday. He went off coffee cold turkey, had the most miserable week of his life, but drastically cut down on the migraines.

I, being the evil daughter that I am, flaunt my ability to drink coffee at will. However, I don't take much caffeine any more, since it tends to makes me psychotic.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I've had to cut back to just one cup of coffee a day which I must have upon waking up, lest I go all Night Of The Living Dead on some unsuspecting offspring. The husbandly creature likes to smack his arm a la heroin addict as I lurch towards the coffeepot - as if to suggest that perhaps I might want to shoot it directly into the vein. I think it's a fabulous idea but given my needle phobia, I like the idea of making myself a coffee mug out of his skull even better.


Chamomile, you say?

Beverley said...

Hmmm Now I didn't drink coffee for about 30 years then was given a rather strong one it was quite a high for a few hours. I then did drink it for a couple of years but once the stress sent my blood pressure up was not allowed it any more.

Now mostly "crystal tea" ala water for me.!!

Yes the club is rather enthused with the idea. Just heard that one of our members has won one of the awards in the fashion parade for the festival, exhibition selection is next week!

I will look forward to seeing pics of your "challenge".

Knit on >^..^<

PS Still totally green with your studio space.

lavoflavland said...

Hmm... hey R. Here I was still imagining you drinking rum and coffee every other morning and straight the others (cold pressed for maximum alkaloid extraction, of course). Now useless to your caffiene-less self, I found out that the tannins (bitter makings) present in tea and coffee are of course bound up by protiens: choose nice cream; soy; goat; cow, leaving the caffiene alkaloids free-er for absorption into the blood. Hope that tidbit is cheerful to someone.
On other news, I am excited to see your studio and your viking sweaters not at your studio. I thought the name "Ms. Lavold" was silly, I might try it out my self. California was nice, makes my city life seem more unpleasant, why, oh, why, must I bitch so? I don't think Philly could have been much cooler, tho'. Our tent did puddle up..
Till next time...