Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Apologies, lame excuses etc.

Believe it or not I think about updating the old bloggerino all the time. Something interesting will happen and I'll think to myself: "the bleaders would love this." But then for whatever reason I don't make it to the computer in time and then something else happens and I figure I'll just add it together and then by the time I actually sit down to type, I've got this list of things and the post turns out like those "and then I, and then we, and whatabout the time..." things that I dispise, so I delete the whole thing. So...sorry about that.

But but look! I've been being a productive member of society! Really. And they even spelled my name wrong so it won't wreck my ungoogleability...check it out. So in spite of the (admittedly rather snide) comments I made about artists being unmanagable etc, the Art Party went off fairly smoothly. Smoothly enough that we will be doing another one. Anyone who finds themselve in Lansing on the first weekend of November is welcome to attend or participate.

Other minor developement. I am the owner of a spanky new cell phone that takes pictures and plays MP3's and I think it washes dishes and feeds the cat too but I haven't figured out those functions yet.

So I had a "project" sort of post, a "how to make a nifty totebag," post, a bribe to the blog gods. However I am unable to use the library computer for this since it requires an admin password in order to install new software and so I can't actually get the pictures on to the blog...but never fear! I will find a USB port and I will upload by god.

And since this is already shaping up to one of those "random" entries: my ten words or less review of "dead man's chest" (subtitle, "Johnny Depp, the manliest pirate ever to swish across the quarter deck wearing more eyeliner than I did in my sullen teen years.")

Best movie ever. Period. Absolutely fabulous, couldn't have been better.

Uh...yeah, I was sort of drinking rum, so that may be a slightly biased review.

But I do have to say something, and this may sound like a critizism, but it's not really since as I've already said: best movie ever made. But if you haven't alreay seen it (and if you haven't then what the hell are you doing reading a pirate blog?) then stop reading now because I'm about to give away a minor plot detail.

I couldn't help but notice that when the crew of the black pearl (purl?) was hanging over the bottomless ravine, in two cages made from the bones of their former crewmates, that all the "international" pirate were in one cage and all the "angloish" pirates were in the other. And when there are two cages hanging in a ravine it is inevitable that one of those cages will fall, sending the pirates within to a messy, squishy death on the bottom of the bottomless ravine. And of course this was the cage with the swarthy internationals...leaving the crew of the Black Pearl, with a lot less blacks, not to mention asians. And I know this is a Disney flick (and don't think that doesn't make my heart ache) and I know that I should expect these things...but if I hadn't had a mouthful of rum at the time I would have lept to my feet and shouted "that is so lame! you should be ashamed of yourselves!"

But don't let that spoil it for I said, best movie ever!

And as soon as I can find a USB port that doesn't require administrator clearance, I will post a cool project for you all, deal?

Ragnar...technophobe, and pirate propagandist.

and PS, I can't run spell check on the library computer you'll just have to take me as I am...niegh upon illiterate.