Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Unemployment...Day 2

Well more like 1 since I didn't technically become unemployed until 12:30 yesterday, less than 24 hours ago in fact. I have hiked my ass over to a FWI's house (that's Friend with Internet, an abreviation that will probably appear here with much more frequency, along with CWI, Cafe with Internet) so that I can use the super unfriendly automated Unemployment Benifits Website...I don't know if unemployment is like this in other states or if it's just because we're an auto building state and GM and Ford are in the habit of laying off their employees every 6 or 7 months so that someone else can pay them for a little while, but our unemployment system is weird.

When I called this morning from my cell phone I was told that because my social scurity number ended in XX that I had missed my appointment, which was on Monday between 8:00 and 12:00, and that I should call back on Thursday or Friday between 8:30 and 12:30. Huh? Missed my appointment? I wasn't even unemployed on Monday! Does this automated phone system (MARVIN, the Michigan Automated Response Voice Interaction Network...and isn't that freaky) know things about me that haven't even happened yet? And apparently I have to post my resume on the Michigan Works Website 2 days before I can start receiving my benifits. Uhm...Resume? It's been about 6 years since I had one of those. Ack!

So far being unemployed is not as much about sleeping in and sitting around drinking tea as I hoped it would be. I am lacking several crucial numbers without which my claim can not be filed...I think these numbers would be on my W-2...which I saw not too long ago....where oh where?

But instead I am going to go for a run because it's 60 degrees outside and I haven't been running in about 3 months...actually I'll probably be going for a jog/pant/walk...that 3 month thing. Then I am going over to the Forge (the building where I have my studio used to be "Melling Forge" and I think Forge sounds less hoitey toitey then I like the image of a Forge with lots of red hot metal, ashes and smoke with the notion of quilt making. At the Forge I will push filing cabinets around...look for my lonely little W-2 with those important numbers on it and hopefully find enough cubbies to cram things in that I can claim enough table space to work on.

And plug in my electric teapot that used to live in my office...yay! And arrange all my little boxes of tea! Yay!

Oh...and since I'm using FWI's computer the spell checker doesn't seem to want must be attatched to a cookie or something, so you'll have to be gentle with me about my spelling errors...I'm not as dumb as I spell, okay? I refer you to the first post where I clearly stated that any realation to any spelling living or dead is purely accidental.

Ragnar...unemployed AND unorganized.

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