Monday, April 17, 2006

A list, in no particular order

Things I did this weekend, with no photos. The photos have been getting entirely out of hand:

Slept in

Made bread

Got a sunburn after being outside for 15 minutes….the phrase pasty white? Yeah, that’s me.

Brought my spinning wheel outside and spun in the sunshine…possibly related to the last item

Transplanted some tomatoes that had been disrupted by a squirrel digging in their pot

Planted spinach

Moved the quilting machine out of my living room, this only involved the removal of one piece of hardware…my screen door no longer closes automatically

Moved the quilting machine into my studio, 12 foot long table, 11 foot high ceilings, 5 foot wide hallway…normal sized door. I think we ended up having to fold the space time continuum, but somehow we got it in without breaking any windows or light fixtures.

Gave a friend a ride to work

Drank a cup of hot coco

Swept the living room, this is miraculous if you know me (the anti-housekeeper), can I just say? Dust maggots as big as your head.

Ate a bacon cheese burger for breakfast, most imporant meal of the day dontcha know?

Organized my yarn and roving…it all fits into one very stuffed suitcase, thank you very much

Made two new friends…this deserves a longer explanation since I’m still boggling over it. I was knitting at the bar, it was Jiggy’s bartending shift…always a good excuse to go to the bar, and there was this couple sitting next to me. They heard Jiggy say something about her home town, which turned out to be their hometown as well. They are potters, and they are new to the area, yada yada…and suddenly I realized that I recognized the male half of the couple. I had been puttering around in my studio one evening last week, and this guy had walked past my window…it was sort of startling because I had my headphones on and hadn’t realized there was anyone else in the building. Anyway, I asked him if they were the potters that had their studio in Melling Forge, and he looked at me really funny and said “yeeeess.” “I’m the quilter that just moved in there! That’s so amazing!” I should mention that the bar we were at was not actually in Lansing, but about half an hour out of town….so it was even more amazing that we had run into each other there. We ended up chatting and drinking for a couple of hours

Finished the body of the baby sweater I’m making (first beer)

Started the sleeve for the baby sweater, figuring the increases while sitting at the bar (second beer)…extreme knitting

Messed up the cable repeat on the sleeve of the sweater (fourth…possibly fifth beer)

Frogged an inch of sleeve to get back to an un-fucked portion of cable and managed to recover from drunk knitting episode (morning after…no beers)

Ate a lot of fresh bread

Broke my favorite glass

Was asked if I was Amish when I told an irritating drunk person at the bar that I didn’t have a television Cutting him some slack, I was knitting, maybe it distracted him from the fact that I was wearing pants, sitting at a bar, wearing a sweater with a skull on the back of it and figuring out sleeve increases using the calculator on my cell phone.

Finished a quilt

Wrote a bill for the finished quilt

Called the client and told them how much they owed me and arranged delivery of finished quilt…see this studio thing is making me more productive already!

Rearranged my studio in an attempt to accomidate the 12 foot long sewing machine table that is taking up most of the east half of the room

Moved every sewing related item out of my house

Piled every sewing related item that used to be in my house in the middle of the studio floor

Finished the first sleeve for the baby sweater, miraculously the increases that I figured while sitting at the bar ended up being spot on…very exciting.

Started the second sleeve for the baby sweater

Opened the last jar of homemade jam

Hijacked most of the shelves in our house and donated them to the studio organization project

Got irritated by my new neighbors, whose entire social life seems to consist of standing on their front porch and talking loudly on their two-way chirp phones. *BEEP* crackle crackle you crackle bitch crackle mo’fo *BEEP* WHAT? I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU! *BEEP* crackle crackle

Got morbidly drunk…drunk enough that I’m having one of those “maybe I shouldn’t drink anymore” days.

Pulled the winter plastic off the windows

Ate breakfast outside

Wore flip flops

Hula hooped…in a bar. Was complimented on my technique by a random stranger.

Got a ticket for “failing to observe a traffic control device” That would be a stop sign…which I failed to stop for. That would be a very expensive ticket.

Read comic books in bed

Officially “moved in” to my studio, if by “moved in” you mean stocked up on water, beer and snack bars

Washed dishes

Did laundry…four loads of it, yeech. Such a waste of time, it’s just going to be dirty again.

Went to the library…twice!

Picked a friend up from work

Got mooned…well almost. It was the same drunk guy who asked me if I was Amish. He lost his nerve after unbuckling his belt…wuss!

Did I mention, swept my living room?!! I was thinking about the “flash your” contests that are going around..flash your stash, flash the cupboard above your refridgerator etc., and I was thinking there should be a “flash your dust maggots” contest. I would have started it but I don’t have a camera…so I’ll just consider myself the winner.

And I have a question. Is there such a thing as darkness deprivation? I swear since daylight savings time I have not been my shiny happy self. I’d say it was “seasonal affective disorder” but it’s been 60 degrees and sunny...maybe I’m allergic to sunshine.

Ack! I just realized that my parents are going to be in town in 77 hours! I must start compulsive scouring in an attempt to convince them that their offspring turned out to be a functioning adult, rather than a pirate that lives in a nest comprised of little bits of yarn, fluff, dirty laundry, and cat hair. Hush! They must never know.

Ragnar...functioning laughing!


Imbrium said...

The last time I had one of those “maybe I shouldn’t drink anymore” days, I was so dehydrated that I couldn't uncurl my fingers. It wasn't until I'd been awake(ish) for five hours that I learned that there were three hours of the previous evening that were not present anywhere in my memories.

I didn't drink for a while after that one.

Beverley said...

Hmmmm I think your weekend was busier than mine!

Nothing like parents or inlaws visiting to create an urge to spring clean!!

Atla said...

Yay, hooray for finishing a quilt! Hooray for moving your quilting machine.

Boo on you for breaking your screen door. Bad pirate.

celticjig said...

Your weekend was far more productive than mine. All I did was clean my house (a little bit) and pour about 1000 beers.

I did just syphon off a one liter container of the IPA and Porter for tonight and they are charging away.