Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Viking Baby!

Fair warning: even pirates get all gushy and squishy when they are talking about babies, so if you can’t handle any “ooo cutesie wootsie baby” crap, then you might want to skip today’s entry.

Look! It’s a picture of my nephew! Isn’t he the cutest thing you ever saw in your whole life? Don’t you just wanna pick him up and snuggle him! And what is that on his head? Why it’s a conceptually interesting Viking Baby Hat, which although entertaining in theory lacks somewhat in its implementation. In fact it makes him look like some sort of medieval bunny rabbit…but his Auntie Ragnar made it for him so his Mamma’s gonna force him to wear it, poor kid, don’t worry you can take it off as soon as we take this picture.

Yes, we shall call it “Viking Baby Hat” round 2, since there was actually pervious incarnation of Viking Baby Hat that didn’t make it as far as the “having horns” stage. This is the first and, as far as I am concerned only, acceptable use of the “bobble.” The bobble being a hideous little creature, that in addition to being time consuming to make, resembles nothing so much as a nipple. In fact a friend of mine had a virulently green sweater (think St. Patty’s day, if it were a hallucinogenic rather than alcoholic holiday) covered in bobbles. I called it “the sweater of a thousand nipples.” However, they do make surprisingly good faux rivets.

As you can see, the problem with Viking Baby Hat Round 2 is the horns. They are overly large for one thing, and they stick up rather than gently curving as a good horn should. This was also my first experience with “novelty” yarn, and I found it fundamentally lacking. I think that Viking Baby Hat Round 3 will have “metal” bands around the base of the horns, with little bobbley rivets on them, because (as long as we are confessing) I actually really like making bobbles, but they are so hideous and generally ridiculous looking that I can’t ever justify the effort. I think that I’m going to have to use a smaller gauge needle as well, so that I can fit in the amount of detail that I would like. Also, I sort of would like to have a spike sticking out of the top of the hat…perhaps there will be many incarnations of Viking Baby Hat, the better to make the children of the world look like fierce Viking warriors. ‘Cause you all know that Viking is Norse for pirate right? When you went out a’viking, you were going to pillage and plunder, and we all know about pillaging and plundering.

Now before all my history/archeology/truth-in-role-playing friends get a hold of this and give me what fore, let me just say that real Viking helmets didn’t have horns on them. I know, so spare me the lecture, but come on! It looks cool, and that is reason enough I say!

Let’s see one more picture of Viking Baby in his helmet…

Doesn’t he look fierce? His mamma spoils him awfully though, so I’m sure he’s gonna grow up to be one of those sweet tempered, back to the land, make milk not war sort of Vikings. Of course how could you not spoil him? Look at that cutsie wootsie little face!

Okay! Ragnar is making herself feel nauseous!
And, I’m actually not working tomorrow, but I will be back to my non-cooing, regular old piratey self on Thursday. Promise.

Ragnar…proud Auntie.


larakatya said...

Viking Baby hat #2 looks adorable, as does it's model.

You sound dangerously like a woman getting bitten by the baby bug. . . . *runs*

Question - is this a child your brother made? Or is this a by marriage nephew?

Ragnar said...

Ah yes, this is Manimal's sister's child. Good thinking on clarifying that, wouldn't want any nasty rumors flying about.

Beverley said...

The hat looks great! So does the baby!! Lol

How's the shrug coming along...!!

I can't talk I made a "Tiger" hat for my grandson who by the way is called "Tiger" really!! Saving the photo for his 21st. [evil granny grin]

Atla said...

Aww, he has the cutest little smile.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Oh my. See, I love that. Every baby should have a doting pirate auntie who makes him Viking hats. Now he just needs a little Celtic cabled sweater to go with.