Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Interruption in regularly scheduled programming...

I was hijacked, hijacked I tell you. I was minding my own business, delivering some particularly entertaining valentines to a friend (they featured portraits of chickens!) and she hijacked me and made me go a beer club meeting. Argh! Is there no end to my sacrifice and suffering? I gave up going to the gym so I could go and spend time with people who are even geekier about beer than I am. People who don’t have to ask what kind of hops you use in your IPA, because they can tell from the aftertaste, people who identify beer contaminants by smell! Now don’t get me wrong, I am beer geek of the first order, if there’s not some sort of microbrew on tap I will drink whiskey, and don’t ever ask me to recommend a beer to you because I’ll psychoanalyze you and then recommend whatever I’m drinking. Probably the only reason that I don’t go to more Homebrew meetings is because I feel bad about the fact that all my brewing equipment is in storage during the renovation…beer guilt. Plus the fact that they are always held during the week and, well, it’s a meeting about beer so you tend to get rather tipsy…okay smashed. Here’s the most horrible part about last night’s hijacking…I enjoyed it! Argh! I’m a beer geek! It’ll only be a matter of time before I start talking about primary fermenters and sparge water! My garden will be over run with hop vines, and I’ll start roasting my own barley. I’ll knit carboy cozies…with skulls on them!

Thank goodness I have sewing night and the fleece fair to keep me grounded. Except that Sewing Night (which should really be called “anything goes night”) is really more of a drinking club for crafters. Also one of the local Micro Breweries is halfway between us and the fleece fair, so no doubt we will all stop in with our spindles and test out the new fiber over a pint or two, much to the entertainment of the regulars. Plus there’s the Michigan Brewer’s Guild Winter Festival coming up weekend after next, and I’m looking forward to that almost as much as the Fleece Fair. Is there any hope? I’m just going to have to bow to the inevitable and embrace my inner beer nerd. Hey Celtic, when are we gonna brew again? Do you need any Carboy cozies? Is the homebrew blogging community as great as the knitting bloggers?

Damn your fermented Barley wonderfulness beer, why do you have to be so good?



Atla said...

Lol, I can't relate. At 20, I'm under legal drinking age. That doesn't stop me from having a mudslide now and again, but beer.. it smells funny. :P

celticjig said...

Drink beer, more beer, yum beer

April 8th is the next Saturday I have open for brewing, unless I take a day off during the week!

Ragnar said...

April! I can't wait until April! What about a Friday?

And I thought beer smelled like piss when I first drank it Atla...of course my first beer was Heineken so it was piss...but it grows on you.

Dr. Vic the Spic said...

Allow me to quote from dear Ben Franklin (I do live in Philadelphia after all where he did so much): "Beer is proof that God loves us." Ahhh, Ben... couldn't have said it better myself.