Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Everybody party down, it's Imbolc!

It is February 1st, and you know what that means? There’s a new crop circle on my crop circle of the month wall calendar! I am cheapy cheapy cheap when it comes to buying calendars, I always go after the New Year so that I can get them at the largest possible discount. Usually I am left with lots of “Deserts of Arizona” and “Cutest Ever Puppies in Baskets” but this year I got lucky. Crop circles! It was wrapped in cellophane, and I was taking an extra 15 minutes off my lunch hour to run out and purchase it, so I didn’t look through it before I got back to my office and hung it on the wall. I was vastly entertained therefore, to find that this is a true aficionado’s crop circle calendar.

Apparently, some crop circle authority defines different types of crop circles. January’s was “the circle makers” attempt to help us see into the forth dimension. Now me…I think, “You mean the ones that tramp around in fields at night with boards strapped to their feet?” but I think that the people who complied this calendar are thinking “The alien masters who place these puzzles to guide and define us.” February’s is very interesting, it is a heptagon, the only polygon whose angles cannot be bisected to a whole number (51.42 degrees, if you were wondering). And seven is a very interesting number (I know, because my calendar told me so), but what is even more interesting to me, is that the “circle makers” appear to be of a Jewish/Christian persuasion. Seven is the day on which God rested don’t you know, and there are seven virtues and seven sins, Salome danced with seven veils, Seven trumpeters circled the walls of Jericho seven times. And you know what…there have only been seven heptagonal crop circles! So that's got to mean something right? I think I'm well on my way to a full fledged conspiracy theory...something involving the Pope paying English college kids to tromp around in fields with boards strapped to their feet.

And how is this related to piracy? As far as I know, it isn't but I've got 10 more months to get through so who knows what I will find out by December.

My other obsession of the moment is fitness, my lack there of. This is perhaps related to an ill-conceived promise that I made to my Manimal...perhaps a brief detour to explain for the uninitiated what a Manimal might be. Somehow I ended up with a life partner who does bizarre things like run 50 miles...yes one right after the other, and voluntarily. In fact he pays entrance fees, signs waivers that say things like "possibility of death," and then proudly wears T-shirts advertising his idiocy...I mean prowess. He also thinks it's "fun" to do triathlons. Hence he is a manimal, or rather the Manimal, which paves the way for another knickname for Rat Girl. I call them Manimal and Minimal.

Anyway, he has fallen in with a similar group of, eh hem, athletes who do road tests for running shoes. Yes, they sign up for the privilege of running 30 miles a week so that they can fill out surveys about how they feel about the shoes. For me that would be a very short survey, "How do you like the shoes." "I hope I never see the bloody awful things again." Anyway, for some reason I told the Manimal that I would run with him, twice a week, for three miles! What was I thinking? How will I fit this in around my strenuous knitting schedule?

Maybe it’ll be (gasp, choke wheeze) fun.

And in the excitement of actually having to work today I forgot that it was PAYDAY!!!! So I get to look forward to covering my overdrafts, isn't that exciting.


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