Thursday, November 01, 2007

Internet Frenzy...

I'm LOVING at home internet. The laptop is great, because I can surf and nurse at the same time. Here's a question, is it better to watch crap DVD's while nursing, or surf the internet while nursing? I think both habits fall into the vice category, but I'm trying to convince myself that the internet is better. I mean, typing one handed is a skill right?

I've rediscovered some of my old daily reads, seeing the new things that everyone is doing is very exciting. I was especially inspired by Jodi's MFA thesis project. Rather than describe it here I'll let you go and check it out for yourself. I always love to see other fiber artists and their processes. I think I'm especially enchanted with this project since I have a background in printmaking.

And I decided on the perfect way to celebrate my plugged in status. I have joined the Ravelry cue.

"You signed up on October 30, 2007
You are #51012 on the list.
12331 people are ahead of you in line.
704 people are behind you in line.
68% of the list has been invited so far."

While I am waiting for the 12331 people ahead of me I am going to try and track down and photograph as many finished objects as possible. This will be quite a challenge, since I have given most of them away. After taking a several week break from knitting my wrist is back to normal, as long as I don't knit while nursing. I've been filling in a little bit more at Woven Art since Nancy is off gallivanting around Spain, and there is so much amazing new yarn in the store. Everyday I see another skein that demands to come home with me. I can justify every purchase by saying that I'll knit something for the baby...although at my rate of approximately three rows a day he's going to be a teenager before I have time to knit it all up.

Ragnar...plugged in baby!


Mouse said...

UGh.. I didn't realize the Ravelry queue was still so long!!
I am really enjoying Jodi's project as well. I think the thing that blew me away most is just HOW wearable and beautiful the overprinted garments are.

Your Secret Pal said...

Woooo, interwebs! I am totally impressed with one handed surfing. Come chilly winter, I will occasionally dry my hair while surfing but I typically drop the hair dryer at least 4-5 times.

And yay Ravelry! I hear the queue is moving fast now with all their fancy servers!