Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hey guess where I am.

Sitting in my "nursing" chair (formerly known simply as my chair) a ratty but comfortable green recliner, with a sleeping baby on my lap. Yeah, that's right, in my house!

Manimal decided that our internet dependence had reached a point where paying for in-home service was warranted, so we are auditioning "mobile broadband" for a month. So far I'm loving it, and I want to celebrate.

My first thought was to post one of the patterns that I'm always promising to publish, but then I remembered why I haven't done it before. Most of my projects involve charts and I don't have a good method of getting them on to the computer. Basically I need a way of generating a page of graph paper and putting little symbols in the squares. I know, I know, I'm basically a cave woman when it comes to computering, I know this isn't as hard as I'm making it. Any suggestions?

And my second thought was that I should make some more blog friends. So far I've added to my blogroll thusly: someone tells me they blog and I check them out, or I like what they have to say in comments on a blog I already read, or they are notorious (harlot, franklin et al). So how have you all acquired your blogfriends? Anyone out there want to recommend a "must read?"

Since no post lately is complete without a picture of my baby:

He seems to wave his left hand over his head a lot, I call it his "shout out" pose. house blogging, who knew?


Mouse said...

I used to click new links on blogs I loved and just "travel around" the internet from blog to blog clicking a new link on every new page I arrived at that I liked. I'm sure this explains how my bloglines feeds are in the 250 range. (you can find my blog-roll on my old blog at
As for the charting thing.. I know there is a graph paper generator online that you can google search to find. It even has "knitters graph paper that is more wide than tall. I'm also almost positive that there is a knitters symbol font out there.. but don't quote me on that.

Mouse said...

hopefully you're a PC user and not a MAC user because otherwise this won't help you worth a squat... but.. go here..
there is chart stuff and the symbol font that I google searched for you.
(I swear that I will stop spamming you with comments now)

Mouse said...
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naturalmom said...

Hey! I followed you here from your comment on my blog. I like your sense of humor! I can't promise to be a faithful blog friend, as I'm already over-committed in that category, especially with a small baby and all. (You know whereof I speak.) But I just might pop in now and then, if for no other reason than to have a look at that cutie baby of yours. :o)

I read back a couple of entries, and I had to chuckle at the one about how little there is to say to babies. I think this is why oldest children are usually the smartest. Moms talk to them about everything out of sheer boredom. (At least it seems less weird than talking to yourself...) Younger siblings are not talked to much at all because Mom actually has someone who can talk back to converse with at that point. "Hi there Sweetie!", "Do you need a diaper change?", "Aww, what's the matter??" are just about the extent of the conversation with later babies until they can literally speak up and demand some attention! (I'm exaggerating of course, but only a little.)