Monday, November 19, 2007 zealot in the making.

There are a bunch of crazy people who don't think their babies need to wear diapers. Actually that's most of the people in the world, but there's a group of "no diaper" rebels operating in diaper wearing countries that call themselves "ECers." Which means "Elimination Communication." Turns out that I'm one of them, except that EC isn't a very catchy title, so around here we're calling it the "Free to Pee" movement, we've been working on it for a little over a day now.

I have learned more about my baby in the last 24 hours than I have since the first week that he was born. Crazy huh? I was always confused by his mood swings, he would go from "smiley guy" to "grumpy face" in the blink of an eye. I just thought he was easily bored, or liked to nurse a lot (he still likes to nurse a lot), but it turns out he just really hates sitting in his own pee. Can you blame him? I would say "What's wrong Ragnarson? I just changed you ten minutes ago, so it can't be your diaper. Are you hungry, do you want to play?" Turns out it can be his diaper, since he pees about every 15 minutes.

Today instead of putting covers over his cloth diapers, I've just left them open, and put legwarmers on him to keep his little knees warm. I'm still getting it figured out, but every time he gets starts to get upset, I hold him over the sink, and usually get a pee. Everytime I decide not to take him, as in "I can't believe you have to pee again, you just went five minutes ago," I still end up taking him because he's wet within a few seconds. It's crazy.

Turns out babies are people, and they don't just get crabby for no reason. Who fuckin' knew?

Which reminds me of a pirate joke.

Stop me if I've told this one before.

This pirate was sorting through his treasure, and he found an old lamp. "I wonder if this be silver," he said,buffing it with a greasy coat tail. A genii popped out and said, "Thanks fer savin me peg leg, I'll grant you a wish, just one mind." "Thas alriight, I only need one wish, 'tis my hearts desire. I wish the sea was filled with rum." *poof* As far as the eye could see the sea was filled with golden rum. The pirate dipped his hat in and took a long drink. The parrot on his shoulder sqwaked "You asshole!" "Whateryou mean?" asked the pirate.

Said the Parrot: "Now we're gonna have to pee in the boat." to pee, a bowel movement.


lavender said...

We must have spoken about this at some point, right? Anyhow, it worked out pretty great for us, except for when I'd feel guilty when we would use diapers or when we'd be travelin' and T.B. didn't poo in the pot every morn. Well, feel free to implore if ya ever feel like it. It sure saved alot of laudry and money. I put a chair by the toilet and would sit there so it didn't hurt my back. Then, the little potty worked out well once t.b. could sit up, like having a two seater!
On other things, just had an exciting encounter with a sting ray on the Atlantic Floridian coast meeting many Fultons, seems they like the little bean (t.b., not adzukis)
love you,

celticjig said...

Ah, I should have read this post first. Now I understand.....

lara said...

Free 2 pee - awesome. My dad is forever going on and on about children in Africa who's mothers carry them around for hours and hours naked, and never get wastes on them because they know when they're going to relieve themselves.

Oh, and at the risk of sounding like a big girlygirl - your baby is absolutely gorgeous!

With happy xmas and New Years wishes - may you plunder and pillage all you survey