Monday, November 05, 2007

Out of the Running

I never said everyday. Did you hear me say everyday? 'Cause I never said that. I said "regular," that I would be a more "regular blogger." That just means most days...I was going to have to take time off for Thanksgiving anyway since we are going out of town...justify justify.

But I was really going to try and post everyday, and I can't believe I fell off the wagon this soon. Yesterday was very busy. I couldn't post in the morning because Manimal was fidgeting with the computer trying to figure out why the fancy mobile internet card wasn't getting the speed that it should (because we go it from evil phone company, and nothing that we do through them ever works the way it should...nevermind).

Then we had to get some breakfast/lunch which was complicated by the fact that Saturday was the Michigan v. Michigan State grudge match, and every person in town was hung over and looking for greasy breakfast food to soak up the extra alcohol in their stomachs. We ended up at the Lebanese restaurant...apparently hung over college students don't think "schwarma" when they're looking for a post football pick-me-up-off-the-floor. Great, more Arabic Coffee for me.

Then we went to the studio so that I could sew velcro on some soakers that Sarah and my father knit for Ragnarson...he's outgrown his first set of diaper covers, and if that isn't a milestone than what is? The sewing of velcro is not a complicated process but there was no way it was getting done unless Manimal came along to hold the baby, so I had to seize the opportunity.

Then, after a quick stop home, I went out to the birth center for "knitting" group, where I actually knit several rounds on a hat...the subject of another post.

Then when I got home it was dinnertime so we went up to Crunchy's (our Sunday ritual) for pizza.

When we got home I watched half a DVD with Manimal while nursing the baby to sleep.

As I was drifting off I thought, "Oh shit, I didn't blog today...oh well I'll do it in the middle of the night when I wake up with Ragnarson." I woke up several times, and he squirmed a little and seemed like he might wake up several times, but low, he didn't actually awaken until 6:30 this morning. 7 and a half hours. Good baby!

Ragnar...only slightly sleep deprived


Mouse said...

I was SO close to falling off the wagon yesterday with NaBloPoMo.. I ended up rambling with bullet points and saving the day (night) with an hour to spare. I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep this up this year because everything is too insane around here at Chez Mousie.

Gry said...

LOL! It's day 5! I guess some people have lives :D

Modern Princess said...

The best laid plans...

Being a regular blogger sounds good! And even if you are "officially" off the wagon, you can still try anyway. Just think, even if you get say 25 out of 30, won't you be pretty pleased?