Saturday, November 10, 2007


Yeah that would be "no" blog posting month, 'cause it turns out that I'm too busy having play dates and watching DVD's to stick to my commitments.

I have this block that in order to blog I must have pictures, but I blogged for almost a year without that's no excuse at all.

So here is a totally random story:

Several years ago I was sitting outside of one of our local middle eastern eateries enjoying a falaful sandwich when a cop car pulled up. I have a totally unwarranted paranoia of cops, I am scandalously (for someone who claims to be a pirate anyway) law abiding, and yet whenever I see a police officer my heart goes pitter pat. Two of the boys in blue got out of the car and commenced to standing around waiting. Then another squad pulls up and two more cops get out...apparently the local brotherhood was planning on have shish-ka-bobs for lunch.

Then a bike cop pulls up, and hops off her bike. She pulls out her handcuffs and proceeds to lock up her bike by hand cuffing it to the front bumper of one of the squad cars.

This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

Ragnar...teller of random stories.

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