Tuesday, November 06, 2007


This is a lousy picture, I couldn't find the "real" camera and Ragnarson was in a good mood. The idea was to put the current knitting project in his hands and take a cute picture of him with it, so that I could tell you all about my hat...I am very excited about this hat.

But when I was looking at the picture I started to laugh, not just because it is a lousy picture which doesn't show off the knitting exactly, but because it so clearly illustates what I do all day. See how there are random bits of crap strewn all over the floor? Here's how it goes:

Oh...oh the baby is crying.
Is he hungry?
Is he wet?
Is he tired?
Is he bored?
Who can tell?
Shake toy 1 at the baby...seems to be working, oh oh , no there he goes.
Shake toy 2 at the baby, oh he likes it, oh, no he doesn't like it.
Is he tired of sitting up?
Is he tired of laying down?
How about the fuzzy toy?
How about the rattley toy?
Does he want to be in the sling?
Does he want to bounce on the exercise ball?
Oh, now he's wet.
Oh, now he's hungry.
Oh, now he's tired.

And of course you never have time to put away any of the toys, or his play mat, or his sittin' up chair, or the laundry, or anything else. Basically it looks like "baby" exploded all over our house.

Ragnar....tidy this bitches.


Your Secret Pal said...

That picture is awfully cute...

...although, your post has me vaguely concerned about the fact that my apartment looks just like that much of the time. Additionally, I am often randomly cranky and mumble to myself a number of the phrases you mention: am I hungry? am I tired? am I bored? shake fuzzy toy shake rattley toy? etc. All of this, and I don't have a SecretPalSon to explain the state of things. Heh.

Yay knitting!

Mouse said...

My son is six and my house still looks "sploded" - only now its tiny Lego men, tiny cars, and other things that hurt when you step on them.

naturalmom said...

Yeah, what you said is true and what Mouse said is true. With 3 kids and 2 adults (who aren't so great at clutter control themselves), some days it looks like the whole entire interior of our house exploded!

I somewhat control the baby mess by simply not having toys for the baby. Seriously. I got rid of most of our baby toys before E. came along, so he only has 2 or 3. It's OK though because he has his big brother and sister to play with. They drag him around on a blanket and make his arms and legs do weird things. He loves it.


Andi said...

Before baby, I wondered why soem friends of ours only had a couch in their living room. When Baby K got to be 5 months old and mobile, I understood. We pushed the couches and coffee table against the wall so there is more room for toy explosions :-)