Monday, March 06, 2006

Shortest entry in my brief history of bloggity

Boss dropped bombshell last week, “I’ll be leaving next Thursday, and I’ll be gone for a week, do you think you can run orders early next week? Oh and can you work on the Friday after that?” No. The Friday after that is St. Patrick’s day, which is the closest I come to having a religious holiday…when I start my own religion communion will be a shot of Irish Whiskey.

Anyway, suddenly I have to do everything two days ahead of schedule…am I pleased? Am I excited? Am I sort of pissed? Yeah, that last one, but that’s what you get when you work for Anita the Hut. (Seriously, she looks just like's terrifying)

Weekend was very productive, although not in the quilting, or working on the house sense, that would be too much to ask. Theoretically, if I bust major ass today, I will have time to blog about it tomorrow. Judging by lack of response to the last post, y’all aren’t interested in my anti-social tendencies, so what do you want to hear about?

Adventures in homebrewing outside in Michigan when it’s 35 degrees outside.
Fair warning, this will include technical vocabulary such as “sparge” “mash” “whathefuck” and “shitfuckdamn” but I will endeavor to provide definitions, and a lot of color commentary so that it’s interesting to non-brewers.

Adventures in finishing, knitting projects that is.
Fair warning, this will include an agonizing description of Ragnar thinking that she is done with a hat and realizing that she has to pull out everything from the first decrease row…very emotional stuff.

Or pictures of me and my drunk ass friends at the winter beer festival? Yeah, I know this is sort of out of date, but I just got the photos last week.

I hope that the virus that’s been sweeping it’s way through blog land has finally been put down, and that everyone is feeling better. My own ailments have receeded to a scratchy throat and a sexy phone voice. In case there’s anyone out there that still needs medication, the following is a recipe for a cure-all, that’s guaranteed to make you forget about how bad you feel.

Fill a coffee cup ¾’s of the way full of hot water.
Add three tablespoons of honey (do not substitute any other sweeteners, honey has natural antibiotic properties…those clever clever bees)
4 tablespoons of lemon juice
3 tablespoons of rum, vodka, whiskey or tequila (not all four you dirty drunk)
Repeat until symptoms become less noticeable.

And if you’re under 21 (Atla) you can leave out the alcohol and it still makes you feel better, just not that much better.


Beverley said...

Heh not disinterested just busy!! Being off sick and having to peel and process a mountain of tomatoes and being too tired after work as trying to catch up after being of sick etc etc.

Funny wonder if mine and your boss are related!! Lol.

Yours is one of the blogs I read each day. Makes for interesting reading. Better than the usual blah, blah, blah!!

Still have a cough so guess I should tried out your remedy!! The whiskey it would have to be. COme to think about it I did sleep much better last night after a nip!! But will have to buy another bottle, nearly all gone or get desperate and break out the black label.

Looking forward to the next blog, you have promised pixs!!


celticjig said...

I tried to comment the other day, the blog lords were fighting and my comments never got posted.

Can't wait to see the Beer fest photos. We should have documented the brewing in the backyard on Sat! Porter is fermenting away!

Lara said...

Just too lazy to get logged into your blog. Not disinterested at all. I'll take whatever you post - I'm a faithful blog reader. I torture people with all kinds of random booty - all sorts of narcissistic shite and rah rah bull. Ergo, post away anything you wish.


Atla said...

I was rather amused by your previous entry. Somehow the flu removes my ability to think of witty comments.. or comments at all, for that matter.