Thursday, March 23, 2006


Blogger has unbitchified enough to allow me one photographic upload, and since I just called landlord dude and scheduled a money drop for Monday...which means I'm actually going through with this, yay! I thought I should at least post one quilt photo for good luck.

So this is "below the surface." It's about 18 inches square, and yes there is a hole in the middle. Hopefully soon I will be doing a lot more stuff like this. Double yay.

And Atla, don't worry dear, my "no knitting in the quilt studio" rule only applies to the storage of yarn, I will still have at least one if not two current projects in my tote bag. You were envisioning a sort of checkpoint where I would be strip searched and any knitting paraphernalia would be confiscated?

Oh, and since I don't think I'm going to have time to do a "normal" (see also, long winded) post today, I'll just share the revelation that I had this morning...that being that the "crappy" hat, aka "the three hour hat" did not have any skulls on it. Therefore I have complied with the promise that I made to myself that I would "take a break from skulls," and so the fact that I'm including a ring of skull and cross bones on the flip flop socks that I'm currently working on does not mean that I am a compulsive skull knitter.

Ragnar...can rationalize anything.

P.S. Check out the link that Beverly posted in the comments yesterday. Skull and Crossbone lace! Now I can cross over into the wacky world of lace knitting!

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Beverley said...

I am so green!!!! Your own studio. A friend of mine had that for a while with a group of artists until she had to leave work so couldn't afford the rent. It was so cool!

Oh a couple of thoughts... You can quilt knitting you know. You can also knit quilt blocks , have done so. See "Unexpected knitting". So perhaps knitting can slip in the back

By the way love the quilt. :)

You really do need to get a camera you know , now you are a serious artist , studio and all. By the way I am into art as painting etc as well.

Quilt on... >^..^<