Thursday, January 03, 2008

The way we was..or I were..or whatever

I was uploading projects into my Ravelry Notebook (Knitter's Crack is this Ravelry thing, it's worse than sock yarn), and linking back to some old posts, like the original Viking Baby Hat, and the Medusa Hat, and all, and I had a little Ravelry induced revelation. This here blog used to be a whole lot better. I think I've fallen off the wagon as far as "well written and witty," goes. It's not just my recent lazy habit of posting a cute baby picture and calling it a blog entry, or even my recent obsession with my infant's potty habits. It's just an overall slide into quantity vs. quality.

It could be that typing with one finger while nursing, sort of messes with the flow of consciousness feel that I used to go for. It's not that my life is less interesting than it was, self-employed-artist-new-mommy-knit-designer-teacher-new-studio-house-renovation has got to be more interesting that sit-in-stuffy-office-complaining-about-unfullfilling-job. Right? It's not like I'm not spending 10 hours a day on the computer (we are on the nurse and surf plan here at casa de Ragnar), so what's with the lame sporadic posting?

While I am not crazy enough to pledge a whole year of uninterrupted posting, it does seem like this here New Year thingie might be a good time to make a moderate commitment to upgrade the old bloggeroo (blogerino?).

This is not a "resolution" okay? We don't resolve around here, because that is just a recipe for disaster. Besides I've always favored the Baha'i New Year (my folks are Baha'is) on the vernal equinox. Seems like a much more "new" time of year when things are actually, oh I don't know, growing? So if I were to resolve (which I won't) I would resolve then.

I seem to have gotten off topic, what was I spouting about? Oh, yeah wanna see a cute picture of my baby?

Gah! It's too hard, I can't stop posting baby pictures! But I will make more of an effort to stop relying on them as "content."

So I give you "Ragnar's Commitment to Quality in 2008"

2008 being a year of even number and great factorability (which for some reason has always been equated with "good" in my mind) it is deserving of observance and shall be known as "the year of gooder blogging." In the YOGB (like yoga, only b), posts shall be built around themes, projects shall be well photographed and documented. When I say "I have every intention of writing this up and posting the pattern," I will mean it. In fact I won't say it, I'll just god damned do it. Even the baby pictures will be cuter.

And I'm sticking to it.

Ragnar...being the goodest blogger I can be.


Andi said...

Now, I'm not being mean...good luck with your 2008 commitment! (C'mon folks, Ragnar doesn't need to hear you snickering!) My favorite technique for finding quilting time? d-a-y-c-a-r-e, especially when I have a school holiday and the week is already paid for!

Mouse said...

Dude.. the "Year of Gooder Blogging" needs a button. It could be a _movement_ if it had a button.. oooh. Hey.. I didn't have a baby and my blogging style went down the toilet something fierce the second half of the year.. I should pledge to blog gooder myself.

Ragnar said...

Well I don't know how to make a button, but if you do it, and I do it, then it's a movement. Right?

Fault Rocks said...

hi, don't mean to interfere with your resolutions or anything but i'm in love with your viking baby hat. any chance you'll distribute that pattern soon? - found it on Rav of course