Saturday, December 22, 2007

Random is the new Saturday...

I've decided that I like the "random" form blogging, it is uniquely suited to those of us who are typing left handed while nursing...and those of us who are suffering from chronic mommy brain, a.k.a. the inability to complete a thought because you are trying to think of 20 things at the same time and suffering from sleep deprivation.

Firstly a fiber link: I got to do a crazy grown up thing. I went to a lecture by Takako Ukei, who is the genius behind Habu Textiles. If I have my facts right, and there is every possibility that I don't, she started Habu as a weaving supplies company, and then got caught up in the knitting tsunami. The yarn is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Silk and stainless steel? How amazingly cool is that? I sat in the back and nursed through the whole lecture, but it was fascinating anyway. The next morning she taught some Japanese pattern reading workshops, and I'm thrilled to the gills about all the possibilities that opens up. Ava has great pictures on her blog, not just of the lecture, she always has great pictures, and a much more complete write up than I. There's even a Ragnar cameo, and how did she snap that picture without my noticing?

Free to Pee: I know that you are all riveted by my baby's bowels, so let me just give you an update. We started with a bang, going as close to full time as it is possible to do in this day of carseats and cold weather. I saw an immediate improvement in Ragnarson's mood, which was a relief, since he was one cranky mother fucker before hand. I haven't been "catching" (that's EC jargon for going in the potty instead of in the diaper) anymore than I did when we first started, which is about 50%, although higher in the poo category. I was a little too gung-ho about it at first and was whisking him off to the potty at every squirm or squawk. I realized though that this was making both of us crazy. My policy now is to take him to the potty at night before or after feeding him, first thing on waking up in the morning, as soon as possible after waking up from naps, and in between if it feels convenient (i.e. he's in a good mood) and I feel (based on timing and intuition mostly) that this is a "real" signal and not just a mood change. It seems to be working and is definitely more fun than changing diapers (although we are still doing a lot of that as well). This morning his diaper was dry, although he started to pee as soon as I took it off of him, then when I took him to the potty for his morning poo, he peed more...a lot more. Which makes me think that he decided to hold it for the I crazy?

Secret Pal: I have two apologies to make. Firstly to my secret pal who is now revealed as Jennifer from Craft Knock Out. She did a fabulous job of paling for me, and I have not posted a picture of her next to last care package. She sent some fabulous wine red yarn from a local spinnery, and I have left it sitting on the table so that I have something to remind me that I don't have to buy more yarn, (cough, habu kits, cough). I got my final "reveal" package today, and I can't post pictures of that either because my camera batteries are dead. However, it contained some really beautiful Tilli Tomas yarn with seacell (the seaweed stuff) so that is now sitting next to the wine red skein, so I really remember that I don't have to buy more yarn. (Habu, cough, Habu). My second apology goes to my pal, although she won't see it here. I have her final package packed and waiting for a note before it goes to the post office. In fact it is sitting next to the pile of birth announcements that have yet to be sent...what Ragnar and Manimal had another baby? Oh that baby. What is he, like two now?

Sleep deprivation: up until last night I had been using the baby straight jacket method of inducing long sleep in the baby. It had worked well, giving us 6-7 and yes even 8 hour long stretches of peaceful slumber. But now that he is a big boy of 4 and a half months, he is not so much into the swaddling anymore. Nay, verily he thinks it stinks and throws a big fuss when I try to bundle him up. So last night, for the first time ever, he slept the whole night without the burrito. He has also outgrown his basket (yes, he used to sleep in a basket) so we are now officially co-sleeping again. This doesn't mean so much that there is less sleep, but it is a different pattern than I was used to, so I'm feeling it more. I knew that I would have to give up the swaddle sometime, because it was going to be a real challenge to find blankets large enough to bundle a 3 year old, but I wasn't ready to give it up just yet.

My parenting philosophy. I feel like this is a good rule of thumb for new parents so I want to share it with any of you who might be having piglets anytime soon. There is a lot of stupid advice in the world, so ignore all of it. Do what feels right and natural to you, and don't let anyone tell you any crap about what you should or shouldn't do to make sure that the kid grows up happy and healthy. For instance, nursing. Several parenting books that crossed my path warned that you should never "nurse your child to sleep." Well why the hell not? It's the easiest way to put him to sleep, it ensures that he has a full belly which will make him sleep longer, and it would be a total pain in the ass for both of us if I had to keep waking him up to finish. So here's my advice. If you think that something you are doing is creating bad habits, whatever the hell that means, ask yourself this question. "Is it possible that he will still be doing this when he is 16? How about 20? No? Then do whatever the hell you need to do." Advice columnist out.

And finally a picture: what do you do while someone else is holding your baby? knit of course.

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Mouse said...

I'm over here giggling that your son slept in a basket only because mine slept in what was basically a plastic laundry basket (the ones you see them use on the clutter clearing shows when they whisk things out of the rooms for sorting..) for the first few months of his life. Sure it was padded with towels and blankets and was basically a bassinet to the untrained eye.. but it was a laundry basket none the less.

Also.. if it works for you - who cares what anyone else thinks. Hooray for getting to go to the talk.. and I think Habu yarn is amazing. I just wish it was in my budget.. lol.