Monday, July 16, 2007

Putting the "in" in Spin.

Woven Art has sponsored a "Knit in" every second Sunday almost since the store was started 2+ years ago, and I always try to go. Recently the third Sunday has become "Spin in" Sunday, as well as any 5th Sundays that might come along. In spite of the fact that this was MY idea (not that I'm a greedy, credit monger or anything, but it was) I haven't been able to make it to one yet.

Until yesterday that is.... In case you can't recognize me, I'm the one with the 9 month pregnant belly...and to my right (that would be your left) is Sarah of Handknitter fame, notice that she is knitting, not spinning. There are many other knitting celebs of course including some sewing night regulars, but none of them have blogs and are therefore not linkable. But look! The comfy couch is empty, just waiting for more spinnerly goodness, and July is one of those crazy months with a 5th Sunday. You don't have to spin (apparently) so what's your excuse?

I do have some finished (ish, buttons don't count do they?) items to show, and an almost finished sock (the first one, but I'm counting it damn it) but I've had a crazy week. Check out the house blog to see what's been occupying my time ( house is now a one story, a very breezy one story). I'm limited in what I can do during the heavy demo phase, although I do try to show up at least once a day for moral support, and because it's so exciting to see everything get destroyed.

This is Rat girl and my knee sitting in the backyard watching the roof come off, notice the knitting? I figure knitting socks for Manimal (his heart's desire at the moment, but don't remind him about that sweater that I promised him two years ago) is sort of like helping on the house right? My previous job was manning the burn barrel.

But the Fire Marshal stopped by and explained that burning tons (literally, we figure we managed to burn a whole dumpsters worth at least) of construction debris in your backyard is not really legal and that he would prefer it if we stopped. Sure thing, Mr. Marshal, won't happen again. So I am out of a job, although I hope to be of some use during the Con-struction phase, rather than the de-struction phase.'s 'cause my belly gets in the way of the sledge hammer.

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