Friday, July 20, 2007

Dum dah dum dum...

Cue ominous music. It's sort of hard to take a scary picture of a sock, but I think foreshortening is photographic code for spooky.

So there's Manimal's first sock. I had to reknit the heel once, and the toe once, but that's pretty much on par for me and sock knitting.

But the spooky part comes in here:That would be one the heel flap of the second sock. I thought at first that I was just distracted, because I was knitting at birth class (you have to go to birth classes, because otherwise you won't know how to have a baby) and they were showing videos of newborn babies "rooting" response. Basically a baby will find the nipple on it's own if s/he is left alone, but watching a 20 minute old baby flop around and peck at it's mother's breast until it comes up with a nipple is singularly hilarious. I now think of my unborn son as the naked mole rat baby. Anyway, it was very funny and I thought it was conceivable that I had miscalculated the number of stitches in the heel flap. But I knit it twice and still not the right number of stitches.

Then I knit it twice more when I wasn't at birth class and still not the right number of stitches.

How is this possible? These socks are possessed. Actually every sock I've ever knit is possessed because this always, always happens. Perhaps this is why I avoid knitting socks.

I am sock cursed.

So what do you do when you are sock cursed?

Well I don't know what other people do, but I'm going to weave. This whole process is thusfar misleading, because the first inch and a half is to straighten out the warp so that you can weave the "real" thing, and the second inch is the "hem" so that you don't have to have fringe....not that I really have anything against fringe, but basically I have about 1 and 1 quarter inches of actual "blanket" here. Of course I was only at it for an hour and a half....not including the "warping." I'm sure the next 43 and 3 quarters inches will go much faster.Ragnar...I loomed!

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Nancy McRay said...

Oh sweetie - your unborn son is way cuter than that rat!

I n'er saw such a beautious warp before. Be proud! The next 43 inches will go faster, as you catch a rythym, yada yada..

Though, as your pattern ebcomes more complicated, it'll slow you down again.