Friday, May 28, 2010

Three times a day...

At some point it will sink in, and I will no longer be tempted to say things that are basically a variation of "Wow! This baby is different than the last one."

Food is on our minds here at Chez Ragnar. I am exploring my yearly urge to plant and harvest, and Ragnarbaby is discovering the exciting world that is food from a spoon. When Ragnarson was a wee one, I gave him some experimental "solids" at 5 and a half months in a misguided attempt to encourage the "sleeping through the night" which it turns out he is simply not capable of. My first born is many things, but a sleeper is not one of them. Conversely, I decided to wait on solids for as long as possible with Ragnarbaby, since the last thing I feel like doing these days is preparing yet another meal (that would make for Manimal, Rat Girl an I, one for the picky-pants Ragnarson and now...sigh...a freezer full of puree for the baby).

Someone had a different idea.

It started with squash, and then sweet potato. Then we moved on to peas, parsnips, beets, avacados, applesauce, cheerios, teething buscuits and soup. It's been a busy three weeks.
You know the great thing about feeding your baby beets? Zombie baby pictures.

Next time: my misguided attempts at the cultivating of food. eat eat, three times a day, everyday.

PS. Thanks to those of you who have mentioned that you've missed seeing regular updates in this space. I love feed back and I'm really happy that you're enjoying these posts...but for Goddess sake! why don't you comment?

PPS. Apologies for the crap pictures, but my "real" camera is crapped out and I can't face the Nikon "warranty" department.


Mouse said...

I miss you as well -- and look, I'm commenting! Love the zombie baby photo.. and I understand about the 'feeding to get them to sleep' thing. Munchkin didn't sleep through the night for the first time until he was FOUR YEARS OLD. Before that, he woke up about every 3 hours... and people wonder why I didn't have another one. *face/palm*

Astar said...

Be warned this is about to become a really geeky sentence.. I read your blog via my rss reader on my iPhone, when I checked it this morning on the bus I Ooooed audibly, as it had been awhile since your last post, and managed to get a few odd glances from my fellow passengers.. So I'm sorry I don't comment a lot but I'm excited to hear more from The Life of Ragnar :)