Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shameless begging disguised as a blog post.

Long ago, maybe two years ago, long in internet terms anyway, someone sent me an invitation to join Twitter.

I laughed out loud. I seriously thought that it was a joke. Someone had realized the ridiculousness of every suburban nobody publishing their excruciating lives in microscopic detail, and thought "ha! wouldn't it be funny if we took this one step further and had up-to-the-second blogging?" I figured that they sent it to me because as one of those self publishing "twits" I was in a unique position to realize how ridiculous it was. Ha ha, I get the joke. Now seriously, let me get back to my blog, I was about to update about the color and texture of my newborn's poo, and how at first I thought it meant he was dying but now, after extensive googling I've decided that it means he's gifted.

Then I saw a "twitter" side bar on someone's blog and realized that, no, it was a real thing. Then I banged my head against the table several times and loudly wailed "what is the world coming to!??"

So I felt superior for awhile, because I wasn't going to get involved with anything so blatantly absurd.

Then I accidentally joined facebook (seriously, it was a slip and fall sort of thing, I'll tell you about it sometime) and was seduced by the "status update" format of internet expression and the blog languished. I mean, of course, every so often there would be a poo so monumental that I just couldn't not blog about it, but for all those normal everyday poos it was just so much easier to type "Ragnar's baby's poo was within normal range for smell and texture, although color was a bit on the greenish side."

Shortly after that I started thinking of Twitter as a party that I'd dis-invited myself to.

And here I am. The goth kid in the prom dress. The nerd on the cheerleader squad.

Ragnar. A twit. You all knew it was inevitable didn't you? Just play along and act surprised okay?


I'll feel less redunculous when I have some followers. pride, it's stuck in my throat, the Heimlich, quick somebody!


Obsidian Kitten said...

My blog was already flagging when, against my better judgement, I joined facebook. Now I only have to think of a couple words instead of a whole post or, if I see something funny or clever or whatever, I just click the FB linky-thing and post it right to FB--no words needed at all. It's like putting a cheeseburger in a blender and sucking it down through a straw--I don't even have to chew.
Ack. I feel even lazier than usual.

Ragnar said...

O'kitten, I miss your blog. I loved your photos of interesting New York. You should update and then post a link on facebook. I got lots of feed back and it sort of revitalized me.

Mouse said...

um.. why can't I find you? I typed in MamaRagnar and you didn't show up.

Mouse said...

I'm Msmousie ( if you want to follow me. I have my account locked but if you send me a request I'll ok you.

Obsidian Kitten said...

Thanks for missing me! I have been toying with blogging again. One of these days I may actually do it.

I like the blog linky thing on FB and I did not feel spammed in the least. Actually, it's one of the things I like about FB!