Monday, March 01, 2010

Chasing the dragon....

I have a self-diagnosed "addictive" personality and a high "fidget factor," those two qualities combined make me a yarn shop owner's dream customer. New squishy yarn? Funky new pattern? Oh sure, I'm working on about six hundred unfinished projects at the moment, but at last check there was at least one pair of unused needles still in my "organizer" (I'm using quotes there, because really, how much of an organizer can it be if there is nothing in it?).

I was making coffee a few days ago, and I realized that the coffee "addiction" has really gotten out of hand...because? I was making coffee before I went up to the coffee shop to meet some friends for coffee. The brew that I make at home is so far removed from regular old brewed with a filter, drip into a pot coffee that I no longer consider it to be the same substance.

The picture at the beginning of this post shows my "coffee station." First of all, notice that my coffee grinder is of the industrial variety...literally the same thing you would grind your coffee with if you were buying whole bean at the grocery store...this was a present from Manimal...up there in the top ten of the most thoughtful gifts he's ever given me. When he brought it home I was a little takes up a full square foot and a half of counter space after all, but after a couple of months of use I can say unconditionally that I LOVE MY COFFEE GRINDER. Then there is my coffee pot. It's a "moka" pot, or a stove top espresso maker. That is a 12 cup pot, 12 cute little demitasse cups that is. When I drink it, it's two cups. Two beer. This stuff is so thick that you almost have to chew it. If I don't make coffee within an hour of rising, I get a piercing headache that starts in my eyeballs.

Good thing I never took up smoking.

Ragnar...and I am a coffee addict.


Mouse said...

Coffee you can chew? Oh my husband would be SO into that-- his coffee walks on its own. I used to be a high octane espresso drinker before I had Munchkin.. now one or two cups of average coffee will have my heart tripping over itself and reduce me to a panic attack.

Kip said...

My son-in-law roasts his own and introduced me to the whole thing. Want to see the cool book about it he gave me? I can brinig it when I come pick up my art.
The Devil

Megan said...

I get the same headache from lack...or delay of diet Pepsi!

tamdoll said...

I don't know how I found your blog - but I'm right there with you.
Yesterday I realized that my counter is being overrun by coffee paraphernalia (as I was thinking that I need a canister to hold beans in). And despite the french press, regular automatic drip and the keurig, I still want to go out to the coffe shop.