Monday, March 29, 2010

Brand naming....

My "television" free child is no more, I'm sorry to say. It started with Dr. Suess videos on youtube, and then slid into the occasional "elmo's world" DVD, and now we've reached the point where he's watching full length movies with his babysitter three or four nights a week. I confess I have also fallen into the "sit in one spot and watch these flashy lights while I make dinner" trap. It's just SO much easier than trying to cook and keep him from destroying the house at the same time. Plus I'm watching a lot of crap on the computer these days (Hulu, you devil!) while I'm still confined to a chair for relatively long periods of time with a nursing baby, and telling him that he can't watch something while I'm plugged in seems like a huge hypocritical double standard.

This is a rambling way of saying that Ragnarson has solidly joined the media generation, and it just as likely to refer to a "thomas" as he is to refer to it as a "train."

There are a few staples that haven't filtered down yet. So far the Dora/Diego brand hasn't infiltrated our lives, although we've had a couple of near misses. We just received a mess of hand-me-downs from a friend with slightly older children, and the shirt that Ragnarson snatched out of the pile was one featuring a chest sized reproduction of Diego, with his baby jaguar. He was admiring his new duds in the mirror and I asked him "who's that on your shirt."

"It's a tiger!" growl, growl.

"Is there someone else on the shirt too?"

"Uhm...a boy!" jump jump

"Do you know that boy's name?"

"Uhm...YES!" jump jump

"What is his name?"

"Uhm...SHIRT BOY!"

Everytime I pass a television blaring out this pseudo educational blather I will think to myself. "The adventures of SHIRT BOY!"

Ragnar... compromising her principles since 2007.


tracy_a said...

hey - you made it 2.5 years...about how long I made it with my first :)

I eased in with Mr. Rogers and Signing Time - then looney toons and muppet show dvds, but now it's all over...we're not doing Hannah Montana yet, but I am trying to brace myself.

OTOH - it is cute to hear Bud say "With the power to READ" while wearing his (home-crafted!) SuperWhy cape. Or "Can we build it - Yes We Can!" - really grates on the non-Hopey ears:)

lavoflavland said...

That is a good long time! The word verification feature on blogger always makes me giggle. This time shicit. Hmmm, by the way, I am feeling pretty low, send good thoughts my way if you have a few to spare. I'd love to feel some love.