Saturday, January 09, 2010

And then there was 2010.

For some reason I have more faith in odd numbered years. I don't know much about numerology, so feel free to enlighten me but I feel like the best years are the prime numbered years, maybe because there's such a limited number of them. 2010 just seems WAY too factorable to me. So I'm not placing too much stock in it as a banner year for...anything. I mean, aside from the fact that it'll be the first year of life for Ragnarson the Younger, and that is just plain miraculous whichever why you slice it.

Anyway, in anticipation of a highly mediocre year, I give you: Ragnar's best intentions for 2010...with some repeats from 2009, which will probably bleed over into 2011 (and that is going to be a good year my friends! a prime, and containing one of my favorite numbers 11 which is half of the lucky number 22).

1. Remember that your children are CHILDREN, cut them some slack, woman.
2. Organize the crafting supplies so that they are no longer in danger of swallowing the house. Just because it's a horizontal surface that doesn't give me a license to pile yarn upon it.
3. Follow Michael Pallon's simple rule about eating: Eat Food, Not too Much, Mostly Plants. I will be concentrating a lot on that middle one: not too much!
4. Do as much shopping as possible at the Lansing City Market, which is a walkable 2.5 miles from my house.
5. Write Petoh's birth story.
6. Write Ash's birthstory.
7. Work in the studio.
8. Keep track of knitting and sewing projects, with an eye towards finishing things and not starting new projects until others are finished.
9. Strength train.
10. Finish the Red/Orange spinning project.
11. Eat locally...Michigan is my local and doesn't that make me lucky.
12. Make To Do Lists. Somehow I seem to get a lot more done when I can put an efficient little check mark next to something.
13. Take the kids to plays or concerts, or cultural somethings or other.
14. Work with Abby, Katie and Brian on the knitted stuff into clay project.
15. Also the quilt blocks into tiles project.
16. Landscape the least plant some grass or something.
17. Write an artist's statement and resume.
18. Get the Viking Hat Pattern edited and ready for distribution on Ravelry.
19. Make soap.
20. Teach a class.
21. Take a class.
22. Find out about selling things at the farmer's market.
23. Make a chore schedule.
24. Go camping.
25. Make computer time more constructive. Updating facebook status and playing solitaire, not constructive. Updating blog (assuming it's a real update and not a glorified facebook status) and editing knitting patterns, constructive.
26. Commit to cloth diapers. I've gotten a little lax about using cloth, since we keep a packet of disposables around for nighttime (and when we are running errands and when I'm too lazy to wash diapers, or worse yet when I'm too lazy to take the clean diapers out of the laundry's a vicious cycle).
27. Make clothes for the kids.
28. Make or acquire some dress up clothes (the imaginative kind, not the formal wear kind) for Pete.
29. Get involved with some of the amazing stuff Lansing has to offer.
30. Knit a sweater for myself. I finished my first "for me" sweater last year. It's boxy and not that flattering, and made from itchy wool (handspun!) but I LOVE it and I wear it everyday. I think knitting one sweater for myself every year is a great goal. Rogue, I'm looking at you.
31. Bind books.
32. Edit the toy collection with an eye towards imaginative play, and less banging.
33. Keep up with laundry, both mine and the boys.
34. Alternatively transport. Walk, Bike, Bus and only as a last resort Minivan.
35. Become a babe. This is my amusing way of saying "get in shape." Somehow it's more motivating to say that I worked on becoming a babe, than that I remembered to exercise.
36. Get rid of clothes I don't wear.
37. Cook with Ragnarson. Ever since the day I came downstairs to find him elbow deep in flour and broken eggs, I've been meaning to compile some "easy" recipes to make with him. Banana bread and guacamole have lots of smashing.
38. Etsy store...everything, banner, name inventory. Sheesh.
39. Go to spinning guild meetings. This means babysitters.
40. Preserve food. I am looking for a dehydrator if anyone has one gathering dust in their closet.
41. Reupholster the dining room chairs.
42. Weave.
43. Write. There was a time when this space was used for witty little essays instead of lame excuses about why I wasn't writing in it. I'm not promising to blog more but I'm acknowledging that I miss doing some more "conscious" writing. Facebook, you have made me lazy.
44. Trillium Gallery...Kalle will sell my stuff, if I get her stuff, so I have no excuses.
45. Get something ready for entry into Art Prize
46. Plan crafts to do with Ragnarson, Play-doh, watercolor, etc.
47. Make an effort to get out of the house.
48. Ween Ragnarson off of Youtube. We don't have a television, but somehow I've fallen into the trap of letting my kid sit in front of the idiot box. It's harder to make supper with a toddler underfoot yes, but I'm getting sick of listening to "I want TV" temper tantrums.
49. Be deliberate about acquiring new things, clothes especially. I would like to stop supporting a disposable culture.
50. Edit the photos on Flickr, there is a lot of crap that can just be deleted and a lot of new photos that haven't been uploaded.
51. Encourage Ragnarson the Younger to nap in the carrier as opposed to on my lap. When he sleeps in the carrier, I get work done, when he sleeps on my lap, I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns on Hulu.
52. Get better at taking photos of my work, process, completed objects. The whole sheebang. Exploit Kat's generous offer of help.
53. Tackle the toy storage problem. This will probably require making or buying some sort of shelf system.
54. Make a cover for the duvet so that it doesn't get all funky like our last...several.
55. Grow some houseplants. We need more oxygen in here.
56. Post projects on Ravelry, Craftster and Instructables. A curved piecing tutorial would probably be a good place to start.
57. Enroll Ragnarson in some sort of active class or activity like swimming or gymnastics.
58. Eat less sugary crap. Quality Dairy donuts, I'm looking at you.
59. Experiment with new grains in cooking. Rice, I like you, but you are starting to get boring.
60. Read longer, more complicated stories to Ragnarson.
61. Defeat clutter.
62. Sew curtains for the house.
63. Hike a half marathon.
64. Be more active in seeking "finishing" work (I sew people's sweaters together for them) and more timely about returning the work that I take on.
65. Use the Postal Service for more than paying bills. Doesn't everyone love to get mail? Send birthday cards.
66. Salad, it tastes good. Eat more of it.
67. Dye.
68. Refresh my knowledge of accounting. I think keeping a ledger for home and for Manimal's business would go a long way towards sorting out our money problems.
69. Brush. Floss. Seriously.
70. Barter with my artist friends. I'd like to have more work on my walls by the people I love.
71. Use an apron.
72. Invite people over for dinner. I'm specifically thinking of other couples with children, since I'd like Manimal to get to know the parents of some of Ragnarson's friends.
73. Make a "kitchen inventory" shopping list. What do we like to have on hand. What are we out of? Where do we buy it? I think this will cut down on impulse buying.
74. Make "parents night out" a priority.
75. Schedule some "unschooling" time with Ragnarson.
76. Work on self promotion.
77. Make a realistic and complete household budget.
78. Stick to the budget. This is going to require some help from Manimal, but I think he's on board.
79. Make time to "play" with Rat Girl. I spend too much time utilizing the "free babysitter" aspect of living with a 12 year old, and not enough on "having fun."
80. Sew clothes for myself. I have some nice wool that wants to become a skirt, I'll start there.
81. Write a children's story.
82. Sketch.
83. Find a place to garden. I am getting very frustrated with the community garden, because the poaching is out of control.
84. Stencil something.
85. Gaze adoringly at my babies.
86. Build a wood oven in the backyard.
87. Drink wine.
88. Have a girls' night out.
89. Start to rebuild the book collection. It was decimated during the remodel.
90. Go to the dentist for a cleaning.
91. Start or join a knitting group.
92. Make a quilt for one of the beds in the house, maybe Ragnarson's so we can have our quilt back.
93. Make a dressform...assuming that my size stabilizes at some point. There was really no point in pursuing this last year, since I was PREGNANT. I did ask Nancy once if I could host a T-shirt and Duck tape party at the shop and she was (at that point) unopposed to the idea. I'll have to make her cookies and ask again. Kyle: I'm totally taking you up on your offer of help.
94. Go to the beach.
95. Etch some glassware.
96. Knit from stash. Documenting stash on Ravelry should help with this.
97. Set up a mail program such as outlook, so that my website email actually gets checked.
98. Limit brain rotting activities, such as watching television on the computer and reading crappy novels.
99. Find some new things to cook, middle eastern maybe?
100. Make ice cream.


tracy_a said...

13 - Free stuff: There is a great kids' concert series at the Hannah Center Saturday 11 AM on Feb 6, 13, 20 - sitting is not required! We could meet up. Also - great summer outdoor concert times - EL downtown Fri and Sat, Lake Lansing Fridays (this one has free bounce house). There is a family series at Wharton, but I am not going to brave taking Bud until he has more attention span.

57 - We go to the "room with padded walls" class at the Haslett Y fridays at 10 AM. Definitely active - not very structured. But good for us.

87 - Also on my list. Fell out of habit while pregnant - that was a long time ago now for me! Trying to drink through Dusty's Wine Club (6 bottles in a month).

Best wishes with your ambitions!

Sharon said...

There you go again. 100 items on this list!! I'm exhausted now; I have to lie down. Oh wait; I am lying down. you've shamed me into getting up and doing something. By the way, Jessy, I love your updates on FB. Don't cut them out altogether, please.