Thursday, September 20, 2007

Arrr you talking to me?

It seems like everyday is “something” day. Hug a Monkey Day, National Eat Your Brussel Sprouts Day, International Day of Random Violence etc. Usually they go uncelebrated except by a select few, probably those who lobbied to have it proclaimed in the first place. Not so International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Everyone celebrates ITLPD. Ragnarson’s grandparents even sent him a ITLPD card, with a pirate themed T-shirt so that he wouldn’t be caught out with nothing to wear to the party.

You might be familiar with Highland Games like the Caber Toss and The Guess What I’ve Got Under My Kilt Contest, but unless you are a really dedicated Pirate Talker, you probably aren’t familiar with the Pirate Games.

These include, the Wench Press:

X-Marks the Spot, which is sort of a treasure, hunt:

The Bilge Water Drinking Contest:

And Who’s Got the Baby?:

I couldn’t tell you who the winners were, because I was too far gone from the Bilge Water Drinking Contest and I didn’t make it to the awards ceremony.

Anyway, if you weren’t there, you shoulda been. We had a parrot…

And Melanie made me a dangerous, but delicious cappuccino.
But now I have the post ITLPD blues, knowing that it's all over until next year. I will cope by making elaborate plans that in spite of my best intentions will not be undertaken until the last minute.
Ragnar....keep on talkin'


Ginger said...

Arghhhh, I missed it. Next time give me some warning so I can wear my wench outfit and swear a lot.

Jeremy said...

Aaaarg! I'm so bummed I missed Talk Like Pirate Day!! It totally slipped my mind until I saw Sue Ellen walking down the street dressed as a wench.

Thanks for posting these pics.