Sunday, January 02, 2011

Odd years are good years....

I don't know why, but in my own personal numerology I've always had a thing for odd numbers, and double numbers, so 2011, ending in a double odd...I'm expecting good things.

Some of the things that weren't reflected in my big "look back" at last years list o'possibilty, were the major changes that happened in our lives last year. Among other things: I've got a job (part time, but still more than my few hours a week at the yarn shop), and The Destroyer is in school. There were major advancements from Ragnarbaby as well, of course, moving through the whole spectrum of babyhood, from inert lump to walking/running/climbing toddler.

So without further blithering, here it is: the 2011, super fantastic, extra fabu, nifty neato list of things that it would certainly be great if I could accomplish:

1. Plan, and do activities with my children.
2. Write more, watch less.
3. Buy music.
4. Do a pull-up.
5. Subscribe to a magazine.
6. Schedule "studio time."
7. Publish three knitting patterns.
8. Eat something I've never eaten before.
9. Make curtains for the living room.
10. Reupholster the goddamn dining room chairs.
11. Yell less.
12. Journal.
13. Get more involved with "the farm."
14. Plant something in the planter boxes on the back porch.
15. Cook with Isis.
16. Go camping.
17. Make time to spin.
18. Make something out of wood.
19. Read a book that someone else recommended.
20. Write letters to my mother.
21. Brush and floss.
22. Make a household budget.
23. Put some money out of each paycheck into a savings account.
24. Shop local.
25. Keep up with the push-ups.
26. Drink less.
27. Take the kids for nature walks.
28. Figure out a way to get both of the little ones on the bike.
29. Visit someone out of state (not my parents).
30. List something for sale on Etsy.
31. Keep in touch with my brother.
32. Hang closet rods.
33. Give presents.
34. Be deliberate about sugar.
35. Get a tattoo.
36. Clear off the top of my dresser.
37. Settle Ragnarbaby into a "big boy" bed, also known as "reclaim the sleeping space."
38. Get camera fixed.
39. Get better at taking pictures.
40. Sing.
41. Balance the bank account.
42. Go to a concert.
43. Weave.
44. Get in shape. Instead of "become a babe" like last year, this will be known either as "become a goddess" or "become a warrior princess." I'm undecided so far.
45. Use the phone to keep in touch with far away people.
46. Laundry. Don't let it eat the house.
47. Practice swimming.
48. Preserve food.
49. Chore schedule...make one.
50. Go to an improving lecture.
51. Explore the idea of writing for a local news outlet.
52. Try to appreciate the "boyness" of my boys.
53. Write the birth stories, both of them.
54. Try not to be so bossy.
55. Practice jumping rope.
56. Clutter....just don't do it.
57. Be serious about "stuff," what I need, what I want and what I can do without.
58. Experiment with savory pies.
59. "Run" (or walk really fast) a 5K.
60. Continue with book binding experiments.
61. Clear out the backyard enough that I'm not worried about the kids playing out there.
62. Mural a wall in the house.
63. Eat more fish.
64. Make some kind of shoe.
65. Read a non-fiction book that is not about gardening or food.
66. Read with the first born.
67. House friendly knitting storage...think of something.
68. Dance.
69. Do more gleaning with the food bank folks.
70. Go to a play, take one of the kids if possible.
71. Install kitchen drawers or engineer having them installed by someone else.
72. Go to art openings, at least once in awhile.
73. Cook outside.
74. Send birthday cards.
75. Invite people over for Sunday Brunch.
76. Buy a sewing pattern from an independent designer.
77. Trade or sell unused craft supplies.
78. Make a tool kit for the house so I don't have to borrow a hammer from Manimal every time I want to hang a picture.
79. Make a sewing kit for the house so I don't have to run to the studio for every minor repair.
80. Find out more about curing leather.
81. Make a monthly meal planner.
82. Make a stuffed animal toy for Ragnarbaby.
83. Eat local meat.
84. Take the boys to a parade.
85. Host an out of town guest.
86. Find "sweet tooth" stuff that's not 100% bad for you.
87. Dry clothes in the air instead of in the dryer....this might involve rigging a clothesline.
88. Keep 0n working on the "mostly plants" part of Micheal Pollan's food advice.
89. Keep track of my blood pressure.
90. Wear more dresses.
91. Beg, borrow or steal to acquire a pair of really awesome boots.
92. Use human powered transportation whenever possible.
93. Get a calcium supplement and remember to take it.
94. Buy flowers for myself whenever I feel like it, even if I can't exactly afford it.
95. Draw portraits of my children.
96. Make "mixed CD's" for friends, and hope that they make me some in return.
97. Forage.
98. Knit from the stash.
99. Try not to buy anything new (with reasonable exceptions like art and underwear).
100. Have a garage sale.

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Amanda said...

I agree with all of them. I might add...something about sex in there though!
We should hang more.