Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New baby love...

Chubby fingers, soft body snuggles, first smiles...and an apparently endless supply of partially digested milk. A few weeks ago I threatened to post pictures of Ragnarbaby's continuous fountain of yuck, but I find that when I'm covered in sour cottage cheese, my first inclination is not, inexplicably, to reach for the camera...I know. Weird huh? I did finally move the photos from the camera to the computer this morning and I found one which I had forgotten about.
I should mention that while I was typing that paragraph Ragnarbaby, who is propped up on my shoulder watching his older brother destroy my livingroom has urped on me no less than three times. Even Ragnarson noticed and started chanting "Don't spit on my mommy! Don't spit on my Mommy!" If he weren't gaining so much weight I'd worry that he had some sort of reflux or something, but most of it (though I can't imagine how) is apparently staying in his stomach. We always joked that Ragnarson was a frat boy because of his tendency to drink until he puked and passed out, but based on pure projectile persistence Ragnarbaby is going to be the President of his house.

When Ragnarbaby was a few weeks old Manimal asked "When is he going to get fun?" This was a question we didn't have the leisure to pose when Ragnarson was a newborn because we were too busy keeping him in constant motion lest he notice that he was unattended and commence to caterwauling. We estimated the "fun" stage to begin somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks...which is when he started grinning at us, and does it ever get more fun than that? Now that the fun threshold has been reached the only question in our minds is: "When is he going to stop puking on everything."
And he's just so smug about it...

Ragnar...off to change her shirt for the third time in four hours.

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TracyKM said...

It IS totally possible to have reflux and still gain weight. My first born was like that. He was 20lb by 5 months, and spit up multiple times with each nursing. He was a totally grumpy baby and would have benefited from me doing an elimination diet, or reflux med. My third also had reflux, but didn't gain weight and wasn't even 19lb on her 1st birthday. She was a happier baby though, and I had learned a lot about breastfeeding reflux in the meantime (there's a great Yahoo group). We used Gaviscon liquid for her, although I should have tried an elimnation diet too. I had issues with over active letdown and the whole too much foremilk issue, so getting that under control did help.
Yeah, newborns aren't too much fun; they just can't see very far yet, LOL. They seem to wake up around 12 weeks and realize this is the real world :)