Monday, March 23, 2009

Knit it...

I seem to have been avoiding the old blog lately. Fairly often I think "maybe I'll blog" and sometimes even sit down at the computer before thinking "ho, hum, but what would I say?" I think it's called "the first trimester," it's when everything seems harder than it should and you really just want to stay in bed for...six...more hours.

I do have a bit of homework to do. I want to introduce you all to the "knit it forward" ladies: yberry (who hasn't done her cut and paste post yet, naughty naughty Ms. Berry), Sarah (who went to high school with me...that should be interesting), Obsidian Kitten (who used to live here in Michigan, but ditched us for a fancy life in the big apple...we forgive her), NancyAnne (my BOSS), and Andi (quilter, mother and knitter extraordinaire).

For you (lucky? only time will tell) ladies, I have a short questionnaire:

Are you allergic to anything? Food, fiber, anything.

Are you mortally offended by any colors? What about colors you love? Answer carefully, I am bloody minded and evil.

Is there something missing in your life? A potholder maybe, or a nose cozy?

Post your answers in the comments....

Ragnar...just that lazy.


Andi said...

Wait a's PAY it forward, not KNIT it forward...I reserve the right to use other crafts!

I'm allergic to penecillin, so that shouldn't interefere with your project, but you are a pirate so anything is possible!

Colorwise, I'm easy, no major dislikes, and I'm partial to blues and purples.

Was there a third question? I can't remember 30 seconds ago when I read the blog and I'm not even pregnant!

Obsidian Kitten said...

I'm allergic to alcohol--as in, the kind you drink.

I'm not fond of navy blue, nor am I a big fan of pastels (pale pink, yucky). Neon colors give me bad 80s flashbacks.

I do like jewel tones like blood red, deep purple, forest green. And black. Graphite grey. That sort of thing.

I do not have a nose cozy. I keep trying to make myself a hat, and then finding other homes for them. Same with wristwarmers. Does that answer all the questions?