Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monogamous knitting...

But first, a finished object. Yes it looks exactly like the last finished object I posted. That's because I've been knitting the horned helmets non-stop...this one is bigger though. The grown-man-who-should-know-better that this one's for has a 25 and a half inch cranium. Usually I can try things on as I go and get an idea about how they'll fit, but this one just made me feel like a little kid playing dress-up...if her papa was a viking.
Notice that it fits a 26" soccer ball like it was made for it. And those horns? All me baby. I'm so danged proud of my self I could just spit. I am told that the recipient hasn't removed it since he put it on, and that it's the only hat that's ever fit him properly so I guess all those years of higher math finally paid off. Ratios people, it's all about the ratios.

If your first finished project sets the tone for the year, then 2009 is going to be one hell of a party.

And speaking of knitting in 2009, what's with this goal to become a monogamous knitter? Huh?

Well I had a little sit down with myself awhile back and said, self, said I, you need to get this knitting thing under control. If you don't reign in a bit you're going to be putting yourself at risk for all sorts of knittingly-transmitted-diseases, like stash-lice and UFOitis. And then I answered myself, okay self, I'm willing to discuss it, but you have to drop the knitting as sex metaphor because it's just sad, and no one likes that sort of junior high humor anyway, okay?

Long story short, I've realized that the reason I never finish anything is because I have (at last count) 14 things on the needles (no wonder I can never find my needles). And I flit from one to the other until I'm just not in the mood for any of it, and then I start something new. So I've written them all down and I'm seriously trying to whittle the list down to a managable size. I've even started writing down "promised" and planned knitting projects in a "list" with the intention of whittling those down as well. So far, so good, although instead of picking one item off the list and working on it until it's done, I'm still allowing myself to flit from one to the next as long as it's already started...sort of like an alcoholic visiting all of the old watering holes before going on the wagon.

The prize at the end? I haven't decided yet, but I've had my eye on some of those fabulous fair isle sweaters....dum dum dum dum.

Ragnar...knit slut no more.


Obsidian Kitten said...

i too am working on headgear with horns. go horns!

thanks for stopping by. i somehow lost my link to you way back to see what you and ragnarson are up to.

and not to worry, it snows here too--just not as much as in MI. plus, it's not *nearly* as far to the bookstore.

so what's the link to your etsy shop? all i got was the sign-in page down there. i wanna see i wanna see!

Anonymous said...

Hey- small one and I happened to go to the Nordic Heritage Center the other day!~ Which is close by our house! Many fun things there- for instance- in the Finland exhibit, Reindeer boots with curled elf toes- I never suspected that these were originally intended for hooks on skis! What else- hmm- outside of Swedens history- someone there invented legos- so quite an elaborate display of viking domains-ships even norse gods and sacrificial portrayals of Freya and whos that guy. Anyhow- small boy was tired but excited- he really wheres the Original alot these days- not doing much for keeping his ears warm- so if ya get any straggler hats- you know where we live.
-love to you