Wednesday, April 16, 2008

E is for...and a conundrum

E is for eat, or a picture is worth a 1000 words:
And here's my conundrum, I never had to face these sorts of problems pre-infant.

If you own three pairs of pants, and two of them are in the wash, and the baby pees on the last one, and you have to pick up the other child from school in 20 minutes, is it better to switch the laundry into the drier and hope that miraculously two pairs of jeans will be dry in 20 minutes? Or should you start looking for the hairdryer to dry out the pee spot on the peed on pair. By the way, the baby is trying to kill himself as always, so you'll have to figure out some way to prevent him from offing himself while you either switch the laundry or look for the hairdryer. Alternately you could wear a pair of the Manimal's pants, but he is considerably shorter than you are, and although you could probably argue that 4 inches of ankle would make them "capri," it's doubtable that anyone is going to buy that, since they are "work" pants and have all manner of construction related stains/tears/burn marks.

What to do? What to do?

Ragnar, mother of an 8 month old.

Happy 8 month birthday Ragnarson, no no, don't put that in your mouth.


Mouse said...

*Points* Cannibal Baby!! bwahahaahaa. Dude. I understand the pants thing. When Munchkin was a baby we lived in the mountains of Colorado with NO washer or dryer and about 40 minutes one way to 'town'.. and he peed on EVERYTHING.

handknitter said...

Just blot with a paper towel on your way out the door.

Make sure you properly dispose of the paper towel,though, so you don't accidentally use it to wipe sloppy baby kisses off of your face later.

Unless, of course, you want to save it as a "guest" towel. Back in the day, we used to put caps back on flat beers and save them for "guests" that we didn't particularly care for.

celticjig said...

I would just put a skirt on. Or Manimal's and role up the pants to more capriish length and start a new style.
By the way, one pair in the dryer will dry faster than two, although it is not the environmentally friendly thing to do.