Sunday, August 12, 2007

And speaking of craft...

I've been knitting a lot lately. Knitting is a good thing to do when you are sitting around waiting, (and waiting). My attention span is microscopic though, so mostly I've been knitting things like this: Baby hats can be finished in about 3 hours, making them the perfect thing to knit while sitting around trying to decide if you are actually in labor or if you're just having more braxton hicks "practice" contractions. My uterus has had so much practice contracting... yeah nevermind.

Have I mentioned the fact that I love! love Nancy's Kona Superwash? There are obvious reasons for this, like the washable, merino-ness of it, and the hand-dyed wonderfulness, but there are purely material reasons as well. Like the seemingly never ending skeins. It comes in 8oz bundles, which is just under 600 yards, in the $22 to $28 range (depending on if it's hand-dyed or hand painted...) which makes it about $5 an ounce...for washable hand-dyed Merino, and it's all in one beautiful chunk that you can knit off of forever! Bliss!

Needless to say when this orange showed up in the store it had to come home with me, and the black as well, since they go so well together, but after knitting a microscopic baby hat I have A LOT of yarn left over. After the hat I started these legwarmers:

If you are a geeky like me you'll notice that the pattern is based on the fibonacci number sequence. I have been told that legwarmers are very practical baby gear, since they facilitate diaper changes....although since it's 90 freakin' degrees out, I doubt that wooly leg warmers will be high on the list as far as outfits go.

As I near the end of the second legwarmer (only 8 more rows to go) I still have a crap load of yarn left-over. I have this insane urge to only knit baby stuff out of this yarn, to answer that age old question: "How much baby stuff can you knit out of a pound of wool?" I'm sort of out of ideas though, so I thought I'd open it up to the bleaders....what should I knit next?

Ragnar...still pregnant, for now.

PS...I do have plans to post some of these patterns. It has long been my intention to be one of the "cool" kids with free patterns on my blog, but it's that attention span thing. I really only have one thing on my mind at the moment and it doesn't leave very much room left over for writing patterns.


Sheknits said...

The baby hat is tres' adorable' post the free patternand I will mention it on my podcast if it is ok with you. I didn't have a chance to delve into your blog more but I do "get" that you are preggers. Good luck with it i have to go back and read some more. BTW I know allll about pregnancy both personally (i have 7) and professionally as i am a doula (if you know what that is). Good luck-

Ginger said...

Well, I guess you blogged yesterday, so that answers one question, although today is the big day.

Does Nancy have washable dryable wool? I mysterious have another friend (a non knitter) who is pregnant and was thinking of a baby blanket - yes I know, slightly boring and my last one took me a year.

Anonymous said...

lady. I just heard that there's a story to hear. so I'll call and hear it but in the meantime, I'm thinking of you! and I can't wait until more pictres join the blog-o-sphere.


Sarah said...

I hope you're busy with a new little pirate child, but when you get a chance . . . have you seen this?